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Friday, March 21, 2008

Azenza: I was adopted from the Pope John community center in 1975. I am now living in the USA. I am looking for my birth mother, Fe Azenza. Fe would be about 60 years of age and her last know address was 52 Arthur Stt. West Bajac- bajac, Olongapo City.
Azenza: If any one can please help me find her, please email me at Thank you!
Kano: I hope we can help Azenza to find her birth mother. I will try to ask my friends for you and start to ask for her. Or atleast find someone who knows her.. Good luck to you Azenza.
Kano: Mga kababayan..let us help him.. our city is too small not to find her isn't it..
katutubo: for you azensa ..try Red Cross Philippines or red cross ..olongapo branch especially the president of red cross is Richard Gordon the former olongapo city mayor.. lets help azensa mga kaibigan /tropang gapo
katutubo: erratum sorry azenza pala not azensa

re : Hanjin to form body on shipyard safety

Thank you and not only on safety standard and but be part Environment on the continues Education to the workers before there employment will be commence, the lapses has been discovered becuase of the accident, but before the accident, they were not able to discovered, and the implementing rules is not clear, how dare you people in SBMA, do you did not considered the loss of lives in our kababayan, sana isang kong besis lang pero its two times already happen, kailangan some body also is answerable and accounted for SBMA? wag naman yong muro-muro becuase, you people down there are dealing the lives, hindi laro an.Thank you

lito sisona

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Re: PASG head faces arrest

The PASG is performing very effective in fighting oil, car, textile and other product involved in the smuggling. We know how smugglers/criminals murdered our economy and raped our country, some politicians are protecting their crook interest for survival of their political career, but in the issue of PASG, I think, politician involved in smuggling must be First Investigated in the Congress and inhibit themself from immunity for the seek of fair and square judgement from the public, usually, politician are only agreesive because of their political immunity and free from legal suit.
In the issue of PASG chief, he must be given the all support in lieu of some issues created artificially by some politician and more they are complicating the issue and contributor factor to the country's problem. Please stop attacking PASG, becuase, they are the right agency, whom we could trust them, if PASG desolve,nobody implement the check and balance in the importation ? Thank you


Sunday, March 16, 2008

SBMA warns Hanjin contractors

MICHAEL STOREMSKI wrote: ( on SBMA warns Hanjin contractors )

SBMA talk's a big talk, but its all talk. Look at there contract
with Hajin and they will not be held liable because it can't be blame
for the subcontractor poor saftey. Hajin doesn't have safty officers
to stop work? Of course they do, But that would hurt their profits.
Filipino's will always be treated as throw away trash.
Untill SBMA and the Goverment stand up to big business and hold all
companies liable for the safty of there workers. The goverment is
scared that big and small companies will leave the philippines and
take there business some place els. ha ha ha Look what the gverment
did to the US Military. There gone, The land is still there and
everything move on, What, don't forget SBMA!!! The rules that Dick
Gordon make are to protected of business, How many workers are black
mailer not to get another job after a company closes there contract,
but can't get aonther job or will be black listed from the 1st
company. We all know workers, even my own family that sit at home
waiting for that company to rehire for new contract. With the new
contract the business don't have to give pay raises, because its new

Untill the workers are treated as valuable assets and not a
replacement part, the Philippines will alway be the throw away
country. Where all the profits leave the country except for the few
goverment officals get their cut.

If the goverment held the customs to a true value of goods and
prepaid fees before leaving the gate. Hire a international accounting
firm to confirm the fees being paid. How can oil tanker after oil
tanker leave all day long without custom fees being paid. Because
there so many skeletons in goverment officals closets, that honesty
and integrity are just campaign ads.

Don't be surprise if the line for replacements workers is longer than
the life insurance paid out. Its always sunny in the Philippines!!!


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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Olongapo City Gordon Heights Massacre

Video of the town house along Acacia St, Gordon Heights, Olongapo City showing the burnt windows and Olongapo Mayor James Gordon, Jr leading the initial fact finding effort.


cutiemesh (2 days ago) = = wait ngguluhan ako naupload ang video march 12 pero bkit march13 lng nabalita sa tv? it means, more than 24 hrs ng dead?? at wlang nkkaalam? impossible nman kc may usok at tinangka rin sunugin un aprtmnt dba?

bonditinkitaeh (1 day ago) = = wag mo ng problemahin yan, time is an illusion. Oi! May rapist sa likod mo!
mhegs2323 (1 day ago) Show Hide +1 Marked as spam Reply Remove Block User Spam RIP WAX:(:(:(
tamilok13 (1 day ago) = = Rest in peace sa mga biktima.

bonditinkitaeh (1 day ago) = = sa kanya ba ung laundry service? yun ang weakest area sa security ng bahay, yung gate masyadong mataas. Pero dpat may aso malapit sa gate kahit sa gabi lang para siguradong wlang mkkaakyat. Nagkunwari sigurong customers tapos tinutukan agad, element of surprise ang unang offense tactics ng mga kasalvage salvage na mga kriminal na yan eh. kaya dapat eh, dagdagan pagiging paranoid. Paranoia ko nakatodo na, tingin ko nga gusto akong patayin ng biyenan ko eh.

Aphrodyteness (1 day ago) = = bondit bangis ng comment mo dude kahit sino matatawa sa post mo, may talent ka pagpatuloy mo yan. bawas bawasan ang kape baka ma stroke ka nyan dude. relax lang and dont worry sabi ni inay eh ni grant ka na daw nya ng pardon kaya i titigil nya na yung paglalagay ng lason sa pagkain mo araw araw. life is beautiful enjoy it to the foolest and tama ka mas mabuti na yung paranoid ka kesa naman mulala ka sa mga nangyayari sa paligid. ingat lang mga kapatid para di na ulit mangyari ganito

bonditinkitaeh (1 day ago) = = kya dpat may aso, kahit askal lang tagatahol. pg gnyan namang myaman ka o mganda lalo na pag nag-iisa, imported dogs. At least 2-3 pitbulls o rottweiler, wag doberman coz maliksi nga pero mliit lang ulo& di heavy build ang katawan, mas pwde maitumba sa palo sa ulo. Pg pitbulls etc, they'd have to shoot 'em, sympre mggising ka. At dhil ginising ka, grab a gun, wag nman .22 ok. Bka mkiliti lang cla eh. Pnkmhina dpat .38. Wag maaawa sa knila,if pwde mna itorture mas masaya. If u have grenade use it

MiszKonvicted (1 day ago) Show Hide +1 Marked as spam Reply Remove Block User Spam - WE'LL PRAY FOR YOU WACKZ... WE'LL MiSS YOU... :(

primesgatmen (1 day ago) = = ano nman laban ng aso sa 9mm sige nga!!!!!!!!peace bro
pinatoro (1 day ago) = = ano laban ng aso sa 9mm sige nga!!!!!!!!!peace bro!
pinatoro (1 day ago) = = ano laban ng aso sa 9mm sige nga!!!!!!!!!peace bro!

pinatoro (1 day ago) = = ano laban ng aso sa 9mm sige nga!!!!!!!!!peace bro!

Yzpinai (1 day ago) Show Hide +1 Marked as spam Reply Remove Block User Spam pardz (Wacky) ang daya mo:( hayz sana wala na dun sa hauz na un e :( sana di ka na muna umalis kila bhezy

kimicute29 (1 day ago) = = rest in peace poh s mga victimS
isa lng nmn ang maY ATRASO DUN SA APAT N BIKTIMA

mriztaker (23 hours ago) = = We are deeply sorry to hear to sudden
death of Scarlet. And words seem
inadequate to express the sadness we
feel about her death

We pray the love of God enfolds the
family during the journey of grief

--Sent with love and remembrance--
mriztaker (23 hours ago) = = We are deeply sorry to hear to sudden
death of Scarlet and the other 3. And words seem inadequate to express the sadness we
feel about their death

We pray the love of God enfolds the
family during the journey of grief

--Sent with love and remembrance--
bolbs (9 hours ago) = = tang na mamatay na rin sana ang gumawa sa inyo nyn wacky at ngaun magpahinga na muna kayo..hayaan nyong kami d2 ang gumanti para sa inyo...
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Chk link to see Scarlet

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795944: March 15
Kgd Jong: Vehicular Fire along Kalaklan Nat'l Hiway: L300 Van ZGF926, 3 dead

katutubo: Safety ! Safety !! yan ang dapat pairalin, maraming pinoy ang nagmamagaling kumita lang pero di nila naiisip ang Safety ng manggagawa sa Hanjin Subic.. tsk tsk tsk.. ano ang ginagawa ng safety engineer o kaya ng safety supervisor ng Hanjin ?
katutubo: for sure... nasa opisina at nagpapalamig at ayaw maarawan !!!
Marko: I heard that the Subic-Tarlac toll road will be opened by this Sunday was announced by Dick Gordan!
Marko: Has anyone else heard this and is there a press reelease on the internet anywhere? Toll free until April 1?
kano: Is it true? If so, then that is very good news for many of us!! Yeheeyyy!
kano: Tanong ko lang, ano na ang nangyari sa tubig sa baretto?
katutubo: halfmoon ..public beach nga ba or private? Sayang naman .. matagal na rin ang panahon na nawala ito.. kung public beach ito dapat lalong pagandahin at panatilihin malinis !! mapa kubeta or shower room.... at saka pagandahin din ang mga cottages
katutubo: dapat magkaroon lagi ng mga sports activities like beach volleyball tournament.. half court basketball eh damihan.. at saka parking lot eh ayusin.. at higit sa lahat yun mga lifeguard eh di yun ningas kugon lang
katutubo: one more thing ilawan ang lugar para sa safety. lagyan ng kapulisan para iwasa krimen at di pamugaran ng mga adik at mga basagulero
katutubo: at ipagbawal ang alak at beer... panatilihin itong halfmoon beach as a family recreation area .. tama po ba yun kagawad Ed Piano ?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

adjoining to my email yesterday, that, Safety Officers of Hanjin Must be directly criminal liable and must be punish according to Criminal Law, and what will be the outcome of the Investigation, not necessary to suspend the Licensed to Operate of Hanjin Shipbuilding, however, they should compensate the victims on very reasonable amount plus the benefits to be given to the family and even educational scholarship to be granted in the children,if any. The issue of suspension might be consider on the third time of negligence or even revoke their Licensed to Operate because what we are protecting here is the
Lives of every Filipino workers, Economically, if the yard will be suspended for six months of there Licensee to Operate, many Filipino workers as well the family will be suffering economically and we have to remember, the workers have a family to support considered the situation of the Country today is in crisis and about six million people has been jodless. This is a win-win solution Both Hanjin and the flight of workers. Hoping this humbly contribution of mind will lead to the immediate resolution of the case now ongoing the investigation.
Thank you and more power Sir!


Hidelito M. Sisona (SPE)

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Enjoy summer at…

An atmosphere of beauty and tranquillity surrounds the spacious Baguio Vacation Apartments, blessed with scenic views, a daily sight of the majestic sunset, and Baguio's cozy fogs. It is an alternative accommodation for family vacation, located within the Pines Garden Villas, right in the heart of Baguio.
The history of the real Baguio is felt when you stay at the Baguio Vacation Apartments. The antique Cordillera inspired interiors and wooden furniture stir up a Filipino-cultural feeling…. with doors opening to outdoor patios (terrace or balcony), with breathtaking view of the mountain ranges.
Baguio Vacation Apartments feature unique, holiday villas and self-catering services where the whole family can have “a home away from home”… and sharing family activities together.
Baguio Vacation Apartments are beautifully furnished for your perfect holiday vacation with all the basic necessities.
Baguio Vacation Apartments are located within the Pines Garden Villas, a 14-hectare first class subdivision, only 3.5 kilometers from Session Road and City Hall through Naguillan Highway, along the newly built Baguio Circumferential Road on Munoz Drive.
Baguio Vacation Apartments boast of first class concrete roads, sidewalks with planting strips, underground drainage system, landscaped open spaces, street lights, water storage for 100,000 gallons designed by DCCD Engineering Group, the master-builders behind the Shangri-La Group of Hotels. Lifestyle amenities include a clubhouse, a volleyball court, basketball court, and a rock garden-park for recreation.
Reservation Rates
Two-Bedroom 5 beds five (5) Persons P2,500/day
Three-Bedroom 10 beds Ten (10) Persons P4,000/day

Pines Garden Villas, 28 Munoz Drive, Km. 4
Circumferential Road, Baguio City, Philippines
Mobile Number: 0918.939.5629
Baguio Telefax: 074.445.5546
Manila Telephone: 02.852.2112
Contact: Engr. Ed Cepe

For more information, please visit our website:

KANO: sana bago mag-election sa presidente..high tech na ang least meron tayong pwedeng pakita sa ibang bayan.. aside from SBMA siyempre.. like computerized public service.. highly dedicated and well trained customer oriented staff.. sana..

eow: hELLoW
788988: March11
zhen: good afternoon everyone!have a nice day!!

katutubo: Safety ! Safety !! yan ang dapat pairalin, maraming pinoy ang nagmamagaling kumita lang pero di nila naiisip ang Safety ng manggagawa sa Hanjin Subic.. tsk tsk tsk.. ano ang ginagawa ng safety engineer o kaya ng safety supervisor ng Hanjin ? for sure... nasa opisina at nagpapalamig at ayaw maarawan !!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Arroyo rejects resignation of PASG chief

Bayshore has left a new comment on post "Arroyo rejects resignation of PASG chief Villar":

Napanood ko ang privelege speech ni Rep. Mitos Magsaysay sa kongreso... Hindi ko alam kung maiinis ako at matatawa. Ang galing naman niyang kumuwestiyon kay PASG Chief Villar, sino ba daw si Villar para hindi siputin ang hearing? Siguro dapat tanungin din niya sarili niya kung ano ba ang koneksyon ng mga MAGSAYSAY sa smuggling sa SUBIC?

Halimbawa nang ukay-ukay at used vehicles? aside from koleksyones from huweteng? hmmmm....Sana huwag na siya ulit magsalita, nakakahiya lang siya...baka magkabukuhan pa!

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

kano: meron lang akong suggestion sana, bakit hindi kaya ayusin ang working process ng lokal government natin.. tulad nalang kamo ng pagkuha ng business permit.. bakit kelangan maraming punthan na ahensiya instead isang bayad lang tapos lahat nanduon na?? bakit kailangan paghiwalay-hiwalayin kasi kung ipagsasama mo sila marami kang masa-save na pera, mapapabilis ang transaction, at aaayos pa ang services na supposed na para sa mga tao.. the consolidation of this fees may speed up the process.. can anyone look at this sir Ed?

jjjjj: hi add u 2

kano: Also is possible for the local government to work with any financial institutions (Banks) to offer an online payment scheme for water, telephone and electricity so that we can leverage to available techonology that we have. This will lessen the long queue that we have in our munisipyo, grabe! kapag nagbabayad ng tubig palang grabe na ang pila!! is anyone looking after to speed up this process? have anyone actually checked and come up with an improvement plan? sa traffic system naman natin, pwede bang magkaroon ng directives or ordinnance na bawal ang parking sa lahat ng major roads? meaning lahat ng dinadaan ng dilaw, orange, blue, brown, di pwede ang mag park.. lalo na sa palengke, victory liner at sa magsaysay.. alam ko merong ganitong ordinance kaso parang walang nagbabago, bakit kaya?

yves: meron po bang open ng work sa SBMA na welder?? kung meron po paki add ako sa YM ko thx's po

katutubo: kumusta po kayo kaibigang kano at kuya ed piano .. korek po yun , napansin ko po yun mga kawani ng city hall mostly yun iba hindi ata marunong mag istima, parang feeling nila kagawad ang pwesto nila , di sila dapat umakto ng ganun sa mga nagbabayad ng koryente at kung ano ano pa at tama po yun dapat magkaroon ng online payment at saka sa mga westernunion outlet sana eh kausapin nila ito para maging payment station. kagaya sa US ,ganyan ang gawa nila para maiwasan ang mahabang pila !!!

kano: sana pagtuunan ng pansin ang technology development..dapat ma-leverage natin ito at i-maximise ang full benefits nito..sayang naman kung di natin papansinin..makakagaan ng trabaho at makakapag uplift pa ng morale dahil hindi overworked ang mga empleyado.. ang unang gawing i-computerize ay ang bayaran ng cedula..alam nyo kung titingnan nyong maige ang area na ito pwede itong i-improve ng husto para hindi na siya manual, tapos ang payment process lahat ng klase ng bills.. dapat hindi na aalis ng isang lugar..kum baga ONE-STOP payment scheme ba.. anduon na lahat..halimbawa.. pagkuha ng police clearance wag ng aalis ng pwesto.. di na lilipat at kung saan saan pa pupunta, pag bayad ng mga business licenses di na pupunta sa fire department, at kung saan saang lugar..make it conducive and customer friendly....i think the best is to start with TRAINING..TRAINING..TRAINING..

bagumbayn: Put your heart, mind, intellect, and soul even to your smallest acts.
bagumbayn: Its the secret of success

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