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Monday, December 13, 2010

2630309 visits and fb sbn hits 5000 LIKES

2630309 fb sbn hits 5000
5:29 pm Dec 13, 2010 #
tj hello cyber skills
3:00 pm Dec 13, 2010 #
More Power to Jamborette participants and its leaders. Next year again.
1:01 pm Dec 12, 2010 #
TheClown let investor in, business build, no to troublemaker, let philippines shows we are competative nations among our neighbors! go build and build
11:31 am Dec 12, 2010 #
TheClown bulkan, bagyo, milyong investment gone but still philippines is a pearl ready to bloom from waves of sea
11:28 am Dec 12, 2010 #
TheClown huwag ninyong hayaan maging puppet, kailangan magkaroon ang pilipinas ng sariling identity for competative business
11:26 am Dec 12, 2010 #
Roel alam nyo na ba? ang nanalo daw pala sa lotto ay yong dinala ng iglesia
4:18 am Dec 12, 2010 #
Guest boss pano ba ireklamo ung nozomi agency kc 6months na hnd pa nla binibgay ung 13th month ko...pls help me tnks!
8:05 pm Dec 10, 2010 #
TheClown philippines is a strong nation, kahit anuman sakuna ang dumating we still keep on going fighting to survive.. go philippines kaya natin yan palagi
3:38 am Dec 10, 2010 #
TheClown masyado na sinayang ang pilipinas sa maling palakad, build build build, di yong aasa sa help help help lng
3:36 am Dec 10, 2010 #
TheClown sana laging isipi ng mga businesses na they are realy want to build the philippines as competative sa mundo.
3:35 am Dec 10, 2010 #
Kayong mga Amerasians ay dapat maging knowlegeable and plan ahead sa buhay.Merong organization sa CA. na they assist amerasians to come to america, and you guys have to research on this.
3:27 pm Dec 1, 2010 #
More Power sa mga Creative, Innovator na mga mamayan ng Gapo Good Luck! sa inyong goal.
3:19 pm Dec 1, 2010 #
elena arlanza learn more
10:20 am Nov 30, 2010 #
Fix! why do the power coal power plant in SBMA project has been aproved?
10:37 am Nov 29, 2010 #
Guest Kailan kaya matuto ang mga amerisians na maging independent at lang umaasa sa government.
1:42 pm Nov 27, 2010 #
Guest kelan kaya magkakaron ng time ang government para sa mga amerasians, wala na kaming naririnig na tulong hirap na kami mga taga cast...hanggang kelan
9:11 am Nov 16, 2010 #
Guest bakit hiwalay na po yung pag bayad ng basura ngayon?
8:34 am Nov 15, 2010 #
Gawang Gapo Product: Any Creative, Innovative idea for a "product" besides frying pork
11:38 pm Nov 13, 2010 #
Ayan meron na tayong sports coordinator. We are calling our friends from the police stations and fire departments to join a city sport event???
11:24 pm Nov 13, 2010 #
Guest ready get set go go go sa milo marathon on sunday
8:26 pm Nov 12, 2010 #
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2:13 am Nov 3, 2010 #
Over the years the winners become five a dozen. I wonder where are they , 5 to 15 yrs. later
1:30 pm Oct 31, 2010 #
Mahilig tayo sa mga Beauty pageants,we have committee to committee that spends alot of time and money on this kind of activity.Do you think anybody cares 10yrs from now who won the 2010 Miss Asinan and etc.
1:23 pm Oct 31, 2010 #
Meron tayong mutual relationships with american for the longest time! bakit hindi tayp mag start from this premise.
1:17 pm Oct 31, 2010 #
Maraming american citizens na asar sa kanila. Bakit naman din wala sa ating leadership na makipagkontak sa mga american businessmen na instead sa chinese ibiggay ang trabaho, bakit hindi na lang sa pinas.
1:14 pm Oct 31, 2010 #
They get sued on Intellectual property issue.They have the cheapest price for imitated items and cheapest labor,that foreign business can't refuse. Why can't we pick something about this kind business dealing
1:11 pm Oct 31, 2010 #
Dapat magkaroon tayo ng lessons in dealing with Intsiks. Tingnan mo kung nasaan na sila in terms of global economy.Nautakan nila ang trading.They lower their currency value, #1 on counterfeiting.
1:04 pm Oct 31, 2010 #
Mga Opportunistic sila. Bulsa muna nila,bago ang mga bulsa natin.
4:05 am Oct 31, 2010 #
Alam mo ang businessman ng mga Intsik mauutak pa sa Chimpanzee! if no better deals,no business.They will not put their millions,because they care about you and me; Oh! excuse me! employ us perhaps.
11:23 pm Oct 30, 2010 #
Hindi ba binenta ni Gordon ang kaluluwa ng mga taga Gapo dito sa dalawang honchong Intsik.
11:13 pm Oct 30, 2010 #
Pa class kuno ang Gapo for having SM! pag magsialis yang mga Investors,Balik Gutom ulit ang Gapo.....
11:04 pm Oct 30, 2010 #
Sa palagay mo walang lagay itong dalawang honchong Intsik ng SM kay Gordon adm. Hmmmmmm.
10:51 pm Oct 30, 2010 #
Guest nawawala po louis vuitton kong ncklace...tas after 3 days nwla na din made nmin sa pinas.panu ko sia hahabulin....?help.
9:32 pm Oct 30, 2010 #
eric mercado maganda ang subic lalo na sa loob ng compound na hospital, kasi jan po ako galing, masasabing ang george dewey ang state of the art hospital facility
2:00 pm Oct 30, 2010 #
christian This is a Christian site : - You can find the Way, the Truth and the Life. Thanks for visiting and God Bless
5:17 am Oct 30, 2010 #
lhyn lamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig
4:41 pm Oct 29, 2010 #
jhey of antipolo city maganda magtrabaho sa hanjin
3:49 pm Oct 28, 2010 #
lil hi
1:51 pm Oct 28, 2010 #
Guest Mis ko ang Gapo Hi to all
11:02 am Oct 28, 2010 #
Let's THINK!. Kung ang city mall is not making money, what makes you think this SM mall will make money??? let's wait and see!
1:23 am Oct 28, 2010 #
Hindi nga ma suportahan ng kapatid ko na taga SBMA mag pa- aral ng 2 college,one high school at 1 elem. how much more mag mall shopping pa. Do the Math.....
1:18 am Oct 28, 2010 #
F.Y.I. Guest:Ang isang community sa america ay 2x or 3x size of Olongapo.Saka,ang planners,retailers know their target consumers. Do you think SBMA, factory workers can support the businesses of this fancy mall?
1:12 am Oct 28, 2010 #
RG_12 shelo ano po tanong mo
12:31 am Oct 28, 2010 #
RG_12 09087872058 textmate po kung sino pwede jan. girl lang po
12:29 am Oct 28, 2010 #
Guest textmate pls 09087972058
12:28 am Oct 28, 2010 #
Guest kailangan natin ng good teacher not a terror anymore. nasisira ang kalidad ng bayan ng gapo
4:33 pm Oct 27, 2010 #
Guest sino yung teacher ng columban na nagbagsak ng maraming students niya. pakiimbistigahan nga. wlang makeup klases pa. DepEd tignan nyo ito
4:31 pm Oct 27, 2010 #
rose love is not a game, not is sacrifice for playing d nman siko o tuhod ang masusugata! ''PUSO'' dba?
2:41 pm Oct 27, 2010 #
joyee painit kah.......
2:38 pm Oct 27, 2010 #
jayward.remolacio lamig ahh[";]
4:07 pm Oct 26, 2010 #
joyeee butterflies dont know the color of der wings,but human eyes know how nice it is. likewise u dont know how gud u r, but sum1 know's u r.
8:31 pm Oct 24, 2010 # love is full of meaning
11:10 am Oct 24, 2010 # what is beauty if the brain is empty
11:09 am Oct 24, 2010 # love is like a rosary that full of mystery
11:08 am Oct 24, 2010 #
shelo responce nmn poh
11:36 am Oct 23, 2010 #
shelo pde poh mag tanong dito
11:36 am Oct 23, 2010 #
Guest hi
11:35 am Oct 23, 2010 #
Guest helow
11:35 am Oct 23, 2010 #
megs muzta pu keu
10:32 am Oct 21, 2010 #
myrna talaman hi po sa iniong lhat ..
10:00 am Oct 21, 2010 #
myrna talaman hi
10:00 am Oct 21, 2010 #
eliza.sorima bettr die in the block of danger dan 2 c my love 1 in the hand of other
3:28 pm Oct 20, 2010 #
megs woooohhh my bagyo paba !!!!!!!!1
11:07 am Oct 20, 2010 #
bernadette s antonio life is better than gold.
3:50 pm Oct 19, 2010 #
myrna talaman If others can,y can't I
3:48 pm Oct 19, 2010 #
myrna talaman If others can,y can't I
3:47 pm Oct 19, 2010 #
myrna talaman If others can,y can't I
3:46 pm Oct 19, 2010 #
bernadette s antonio love your nieigbor
3:45 pm Oct 19, 2010 #
Guest hi sa mga taga gapo?
6:39 am Oct 19, 2010 #
Guest hi sa mga tag gapo.?
6:38 am Oct 19, 2010 #
TheClown good teachers produce a good workers in the future.
4:01 am Oct 19, 2010 #
TheClown we need a new blood ng student not terrorized by poor teaching and failure of a teachers "5years" review mandatory
3:59 am Oct 19, 2010 #
TheClown paki review nga ang mga "Teacher's" kung ilang ang binagsak nila within "5yrs" at report sa regional division
3:57 am Oct 19, 2010 #
Guest Abaigar for Brgy Capt!-New Kalalake
1:18 am Oct 19, 2010 #

Guest hi
1:17 am Oct 19, 2010 #
arlyn OMG!
4:53 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
Guestsabina siay its better to give than to receive
4:30 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
MARKRON.OMAGAP time is gold
4:21 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
4:20 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
arlene b. hernandez beauty is useless charity is the kind to evrybody.....
4:20 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
4:20 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
arlene b. hernandez beauty is useless charity is the kind to evrybody.....
4:20 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
4:20 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
jayward.remolacio wla lang
4:18 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
laurito bongcac begenerous to otherswelfware`
2:50 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
marina ramos thanks
2:31 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
mannix.villanueva this in fo mation to all pls conferm the pag-asa if signal 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 is bagyong juan
2:29 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
marina ramos thank good for being dis word
2:29 pm Oct 18, 2010 #
mannix.villanueva What is The Infor mation in This Sgit
2:26 pm Oct 18, 2010 #

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Buggs Bunney the defender is doing great admin, if not then why do you keep on banning the defenders and deleting their posts? dahil ayaw mong mabasa ng iba at magsimula ang pag UNLIKE di ba?

38 minutes ago · · Comment
    • Save Olongapo, No to Pampanga garbage Your PRO Reso 109? then explain to us why resolution 109 is good for the city and good for the residents of Olongapo?

      Read what he said Buggs Bunni... so you know why he got banned. or you can let someone read it for you if you cant.
      31 minutes ago ·
Lan Morana

Lan Morana i am proud to be a pro-dick gordon, pro-paulino and an anti reso 109 olongapeno .. pki widraw na po, mukha naman pong hndi ningas kugon ang mga tao d2, bka akala nyo mpapagod dn at ti2gil soweee po kgaya ni dick gordon my pani2ndgan dn po ang iba d2..mliban n lng po sa mga espiya.. na nki2tunog lang...

53 minutes ago · · Comment
Save Olongapo, No to Pampanga garbage

Save Olongapo, No to Pampanga garbage A friendly advice to the Honorables from this page, If this is one of your messengers, defenders or one of your peoples ghost account, you should talk to them. They are doing more harm than good Honorables.

    • Buggs Bunney you are NOT our friend bayarong, we all know that, so stop calling us friends
      34 minutes ago ·
    • Save Olongapo, No to Pampanga garbage We were referring to the Honorables Buggs Buni not you. Are you one of the honorables? Bayarong who?
      9 minutes ago ·
    • Save Olongapo, No to Pampanga garbage So your a proud PRO resolution 109 Buggs Buni right? so why do you think Resolution 109 (letting M22 dump garbage of Angeles Pampanga in our city, if you don't know that yet) will be beneficial to the the city and the rest of the residents of Olongapo?
      3 minutes ago ·
Buggs Bunney

Buggs Bunney councilor dabu's family had been traumatized by what you have done from day one, do not expect them to be reading your posts and PMs, you are wasting your time people

3 hours ago · · Comment
    • Save Olongapo, No to Pampanga garbage ‎(admin 2) traumatize? by voting yes to resolution 109? If Ms. Dabu thinks reso 109 is right, then she and the rest of the councilors who voted for it should be sleeping well. Even if the rest of olongapo worries about the effect of reso 109 on their health and and their family members.
      2 hours ago ·
    • Leandro Mendigorin isn't it the Olongapo are the one who are TRAUMATIZE?
      2 hours ago ·
    • Leandro Mendigorin don't keep on blaming other people, pls realize that IF THERE WASN'T ANY ILLEGAL ACT, NO ONE WILL SUFFER AND TRAUMATIZE. Right man/SIR?
      2 hours ago ·
    • Leandro Mendigorin on the first place, who did all this BASURA thing? taong bayan ba? or ang mga binoto ng tao NA DAPAT SANA pagslbihan tayo ng tama? sa ganang akin lang po.
      2 hours ago ·
    • Rico N. Diaz Ms. Dabu has been traumatized by what's been going on at this page? What a pity, but countless residents of Olongapo have been traumatized as well by what she had done signing Reso 109. Buggs Bunney, you're probably not worried at all, but we are concerned citizens of our beloved city. Can you imagine the sleepless nights we are having, thinking of the stinking future in store for our children because of Reso 109? Oh well, you are just a cartoon character and there's probably no sense talking to you.
      8 minutes ago ·
    • Save Olongapo, No to Pampanga garbage Sir Rico, Buggs Buni said that he is a proud PRO Resolution 109, weve asked him to explain why resolution 109 will be beneficial to the city and to us.. we are still waiting an answer from a PROUD PRO resolution 109...
      about a minute ago ·
Buggs Bunney

Buggs Bunney majority councilors are now immune sa mga paninira nyo kaya don't expect anything coming from you to be noticed by them

3 hours ago · · Comment
    • Save Olongapo, No to Pampanga garbage ‎(admin 2) immune to what? The truth?
      2 hours ago ·
    • Leandro Mendigorin mam/ sir, what about thinking our kababayan first rather than majority councilors? sino ba ang dapat mong magmalasakitan? mga kababayan mo na NAKAKASINGHOT NG MAMABAHONG BASURO AT USOK? OR MGA MGA NAKA AIRCON AT MAAYOS SA BUHAY?
      2 hours ago ·
      2 hours ago ·
    • Leandro Mendigorin VIRUS CORRECTION PO
      2 hours ago ·
    • Save Olongapo, No to Pampanga garbage
      Leandro this is how they play the game "cheap shot, then run" "cheap shot then run"

      Then when they get cornered because of the web of lie's they cant control anymore they fight back by personally attacking supporters of this page and the adm...See More
      about an hour ago ·
    • Leandro Mendigorin yeah same story. matatalino sila , sana lang gamitin nila sa tama ang binigay ng DIYOS N TALINO«cool»
      «« Leandro attached a smiley.
      To enable smileys visit »»
      18 minutes ago ·
Buggs Bunney

Buggs Bunney what is that on record thing you are saying bayarong? you f@##$$ delete and ban at whim, now you are talking "on record" ano ka hilo

3 hours ago · · Comment
    • Save Olongapo, No to Pampanga garbage
      Its been 4 hours now, whats the answer to our question Buggs Buni.
      Why is Resolution 109 good for all of us? its a simple question Buggs Buni.

      We only ban for a reason Buggs Buni.

      You can play all the guessing game you like, Bayarong, Paulino, Bayquen, Atienza, Lipumano, Cortez, Clinton, Aquino, Obama or any John Doe.Its all up to you Buggs Buni.
      2 hours ago ·
Karlo Manzano

Karlo Manzano ‎@buggs Buni: "Buggs Bunney of course he will vote for the wisest and most honorable thing to do, nathan skolar ng bayan knows best - YES TO RESO 109 - yan"...

On what grounds can you say that saying "YES" to Res.109 is the wisest thing to do?

And commending a coleague for a job well done + his bonus,

5 hours ago · · Comment

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