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Monday, September 21, 2009

Rockenoid ..gndang-hapun oLongapo!!
6:12 pm Sep 21
kgd frelles still askin who knows mary ann padilla and mercedita aguid
7:54 pm Sep 20
jr i want to know whats happening in sbma,thanks
3:33 am Sep 20
Guest hows sbma?
3:32 am Sep 20
j.lapid please send me an email regarding the SSS no calamity load here in olongapo.. my email add is
10:29 pm Sep 19
j.lapid who knows the reason why the SSS here in olongapo doesn't allow calamity loan?
10:28 pm Sep 19
kgd frelles still lookin for mary ann padilla and mercedita aguid..thanks
9:41 pm Sep 19
Guest im nidy pls give me hottie ds is mah dgts 09071938104
9:29 pm Sep 19
There is a clear evidence of UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICES here. And I bet you after the probationary period they will get LAID-OFF.
1:07 am Sep 19
Even HORSES needs a BREAK . How do you like to work 12 hours a day; 7 days a week. Put yourself into thiese workers shoes. These silent probationary workers.
1:03 am Sep 19
Don't take my words for it. Go and ask there employeees themselves. There's a trend of Hiring worker and of course will go thru probationary period and make them work like a HORSE.
12:49 am Sep 19
On Sanyo Co. Work Practices:All of you on SBMA Gordon's Administration are talking about Health and Safety of workers. Here's a good example of used and abused of filipino workers.
12:37 am Sep 19
Labor laws violated??? Sanyo Co. makes employees work seven days a week . twelve hours a day right now, can somebody on SBMA cares to investigate on this work environmnet. This is all against SAFETY RULES.
12:29 am Sep 19
comment on Arreza on eyeing on new chinese investors: Mind you, These people are more shrewed than you think, they have history of stealing intellectual properties and they are communists.
12:17 am Sep 19
carlo abad nid textmate 18-24 yrs of age female..
8:27 pm Sep 18
bertongsungkit KAMUZTAH MGA BATCH13
7:45 pm Sep 18
mark_jeremie hello
6:56 pm Sep 18
anthony.labampa I Love To Kill
6:46 pm Sep 18
leakim.sia everyone should attend our flag ceremony on monday.... attendane is a must..
6:29 pm Sep 18
leakim.sia only in task 6 you will use google...
6:21 pm Sep 18
leakim.sia inserting of pictures ang task 4 and ur personal details...
6:21 pm Sep 18
6:04 pm Sep 18
Guest HI MAM
6:04 pm Sep 18
amelita.manera what is your name
5:47 pm Sep 18
jullius thankyou
5:40 pm Sep 18
jenny.callo hi
5:40 pm Sep 18
258 Guest ano pong inaaplayan mu?
12:17 pm Sep 18
11:50 am Sep 18
Guest hi pwede bng mag apply?
11:50 am Sep 18
258 Sutherlanf Interview for Call Center Agent today at 3rd Flr. City Hall Annex, 8am to 4pm. Plz... Bring your Resume
8:35 am Sep 18
bogz yun ding ibang kapulisan ginagamit mga bagong car sa riding kasama chicks nila
10:21 pm Sep 17
bogz kasi naman yung ibang barangay officials namamasyal lang gamit ang mga service vehicle ng barangay
10:20 pm Sep 17
bogz umaano ba mga barangay officials ng olongapo?
10:19 pm Sep 17
bogz hindi kaya hinahanap ng mga magulang nila ang mga batang ito?
10:19 pm Sep 17
bogz ang babata pa umiinom na ng alak at kung ano-ano na ginagawa pag naka-inom na
10:18 pm Sep 17
bogz totoo po sinabi ni guest grabe na kabataan sa gordon hgts at sa pag-asa din po
10:17 pm Sep 17
Guest Help!Naglipana ang kabataan na nagiiinuman sa dilim dito sa Gordon Heights! Walang sumisita!
9:50 pm Sep 17
Guest panawagan po, laganapna naman po ang mga kabataan maski na mga babae na mga nagtatago sa dilim dito sa barangay Gordon Heights. Walang sumisita.
9:46 pm Sep 17
sanchez heloo enybody here kmzta kau jan mga cte ojt
6:42 pm Sep 17
Guejulious ojt mzta na mam hello sa inoe jn mga trainis
6:24 pm Sep 17
TFG nestor they might need trailer driver but i doubt if there will be a need for "thriller" driver
5:47 pm Sep 17
nestor nanga2ilangan po ba kau ng thriller driver xa guam???contact diz # 09199717052
5:33 pm Sep 17
redskin ramon hindi ako makapasok paki paalam mo ako kay mam kim
3:24 pm Sep 17

Thursday, September 17, 2009

From Bo, a freeport resident

This year the fences surrounding SBMA are being breached and stolen. If you study perimeter fence surrounding Taiwan industrial park,facing Olongapo river,or fences in Kalayaan, fences there are being removed by thieves. They are cutting galvanized metal pipes and also cutting holes in the fence. I don't know what SBMA LED dept is doing with this. If they do not take any action soon, the base will not be a gated community anymore. We we still have all the entry gates, but people are free to walk inside anywere else.

There are something like 1000 police in LED dept and they are not doing to much to enforce the rules. Personell are being transported from place to place continously and you see Police cars all over, but if you approach them with any problem, they are not of much assistance and it is like you are burdoning them.

Example, we have rules against loose dogs, motorbikes without silencers, garbage in street, etc, but police are just overloking such. If you contact them to report, you first have to explain the rules, they will ask why you want to report, and give a lot of information about yourself.

The whole attitude of this force should change into something more productive, as of now they are not justifying the big numbers.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2016651 Gibo is it!!!

2016651 Gibo is it!!!

10:20 pm Sep 16
kgd frelles bakit ganon hindi ako makasign sa guestbook ng subic ph, laging my pumapasok na ad, asar tuloy ako

7:32 pm Sep 16
kgd frelles thanks and have a good day..pakirelay na lang if you know them...thanks and have a great day

4:45 pm Sep 16
kgd frelles txt me 09184201653

4:44 pm Sep 16
kgd frelles looking for mercedita p. aguid...who works on slim's tavern subic a son borne 1992...please do wire me

4:44 pm Sep 16
kgd frelles thanks..and have a good day...

3:40 pm Sep 16
kgd frelles or make a call at 09184201653

3:39 pm Sep 16
kgd frelles just want to ask if someone knows mary ann padilla, who got a son named khairi wade owens dob is 10 31 , he is 17 years old this year..thanks...wire m

3:38 pm Sep 16
258 Electrical Fire sa Poste ng Caron Street, West Bajac-Bajac

2:50 pm Sep 16
bertongsungkit eow puh

6:00 pm Sep 15
258 Sunog sa Brgy. Hall ng Sto. Thomas, Subic, Fire Out as of 11:10am Report Given By:Quinnie Palma and Josephine Austria of Bo. Barretto Police

11:27 am Sep 15
Guest walang kwenta mga pulis sa station B, dami addik d2 sa Pag -Asa puro kabataan pa... walang kakwenta kwenta mga pulis... umaksyon namn kau.... papalak

11:09 am Sep 15
GandakoH hi, just want to check is the SBMA also affected by brown out?Salamat po.

9:29 am Sep 15
Tsismosa Guest, 5am to 9am lang po ang brown out bukaz

8:47 pm Sep 14
Guest hello is there a brown out for tomorrow Sept 15th? THE WHOLE DAY!!!???

8:31 pm Sep 14
mAs mGanda akUh.. helluw everyOne..heheh

5:22 pm Sep 14
258 May Bumagsak na puno sa Dominguez Street, Sta. Rita, 2 Bahay and apektado

4:18 pm Sep 13
TheClown Minsan na tayong sinubok at babangon ulit tayo to fight for survival natin. Umalis ang iba pero ang kabataan tutulong paulit-ulit

5:03 am Sep 13
TheClown Salamat sa mga taong tumulong at naging matapang tlga pagtulong sa Gapo. We will be "One" pagdating ng sakuna!

5:01 am Sep 13
2011079 clearing at P1 StaRita, 1000 sandbags, op sta rita village tom

9:59 pm Sep 12
(Con't): It's all in a matter of WHEN and how many loss lives. LIFE IS CHEAP in our country. Just look on HANJIN's work related DEATHS. These should never happen. But it will AGAIN!!!!

2:08 am Sep 12
(Con't): Almost every year we heard in the news about capsized FERRIES and we know what happen to PASSENGERS. This is like watching RERUN MOVIES. It seems the HAPPENING is expected and predicted

1:47 am Sep 12
(Con't): We hardly learned our lessons. We stick to our OLD WAY of doing things. That's why we are always behind in many ways in terms of progress. Thinking and Planning Ahead is probably a nobel Idea.

1:29 am Sep 12
(Con't): (What we know): Rainy Seasons, Flooding, power interruptions, school cancellations, etc. These are PREVENTABLES or damaged controlled. It seems our Mentality is slow to adopt to CHANGE.

1:12 am Sep 12
My guess is this all CULTURAL. Tayong mga Pilipino ay hindi nag-iisip at hindi kikilos hanggat walang CRISIS/EMERGENCY, like loss of lives, property, infrastructures, etc. Solutions is not a Rocket Science.

12:51 am Sep 12
There you go. A shovel ready JOBS!! for unemployed. Courtesy of Typhoon Kiko and Labuyo for flooding, displaced families, damaged bridge, and power interruptions. Students must love staying home.

12:26 am Sep 12
GandakoH Apply po ako sa PPA,,san pede mgpass..applya ko sa reservation po//tynx

1:17 pm Sep 11
GandakoH Re: PPA--pede sdin po ako sa Sales..Let me know please kung san at kelan pede mg pas ng resume..thnx po

1:16 pm Sep 11
258 Whole of OLongapo City will be affected in Power Interruption

12:22 pm Sep 11
258 REASONS: Preventive maintenance of NGCP Substation formerly TRANSCO @ Halfmoon Beach Kalaklan

12:17 pm Sep 11
258 NOTICE OF POWER INTERRUPTION ON TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 15, 2009, 5:00AM in the morning up to 9:00am

12:16 pm Sep 11
2008599 The city will acquire a brand new dredging machine that can crawl up to sta rita river,

11:47 pm Sep 10
2008599 this is in addition to the one from DPWH thru the efforts of Sen. Gordon

11:47 pm Sep 10
2008599 A vactor truck or vacumm truck is also on its way to unclog drainages

11:47 pm Sep 10
How many DREDGING machines the city owned. I mean this is a LIFETIME calamity, The city made alot of revenues every year, the residents deserve a better life.

11:37 pm Sep 10
(Con't) There's a Job Creation! The city needs cleaning crews for cleaning up canals, drainage and other waterways. GO GREEN!!!

11:25 pm Sep 10
Flooding: This is the good time to have the tourists arrive and see how wonderfull our city is. The city government should focus and invest on having underground sewer system,clean -up canals, rivers.

11:18 pm Sep 10
TheClown buti na lang di umulan ng buhangin ulit, mas matindi iyon kasi yan tubig lng.

11:09 pm Sep 10
TheClown ang mga ginagawang tulay o dike ay parang tsinelas mo, nasisira rin sa tagal ng panahon.. the did best but pag nagtagal na nabubutas din ito.

11:07 pm Sep 10
2008232 dont ya worry, the dredging machine owned by the city is on its way, year in year out, maghuhukay ito ng mga ilog natin

7:40 pm Sep 10
Guest I mean yung gilid hindi hinuhukay,yung gitna lang..?

7:30 pm Sep 10
Guest I'm just wondering bakit hindi hinuhukay yung sa sta.rita bridge??ilang taon na yun hindi hinuhukay kaya mabilis din bumaha,masyadong mababaw na yun..

5:07 pm Sep 10
julius ivan lagarde OJT .......

4:39 pm Sep 10

1:07 pm Sep 10
Kiddy ask me lang po, may bayad ba sa welding training? or nababawasan daw po ba salary namin pag naipasok kami ng gapo?

1:06 pm Sep 10
Taong gapo kailangan mabibigay sa amin ang certificates po namin sa welding, di na nga po kami nakaakyat sa stage nung graduation wala pa daw kaming certificate

1:03 pm Sep 10
high magpakatotoo sa objective para sa olongapo

1:02 pm Sep 10
shinryuu wew baha p rin ba?

9:29 am Sep 10
gapo boy kawawa naman mga taong apektado, puro kurakot kasi pulitiko kya mga infrastructure palpak

6:04 am Sep 10
grad baka ibig sahihin mabagal magtype ang instructor natin je je je

5:38 am Sep 10
mcgyver flooding? sige!putulin mo pa ang mga puno!!

1:22 am Sep 10
mcgyver is there any alaska job?

1:20 am Sep 10
Guest bakit po ndi namin makita sa website ng skills training yung mga graduates ng computer? ibig po bang sabihin na ndi kami graduate?

3:48 pm Sep 9
TheClown when our Red Cross Chairman volunters to help without hesitations, now it is time for us to help him back. SOS Asap para sa pamilya ng naapektuhan.

4:38 am Sep 9
TheClown sama sama tayo sa pagtutulungan ngayon "NO Politics Involved" we will be as ONE BIG family to HELP one another INGAT kakayanin natin ito!

4:34 am Sep 9
jhing(im a student) asap po..

8:41 pm Sep 8
jhing(im a student) is there still a class tomorrow?

8:40 pm Sep 8
jhing(im a student) is there still a class tomorrow?

8:39 pm Sep 8
FLASH Water level surpassed earlier level by this time

6:23 pm Sep 8
FLASH continous sandbagging operation at sta rita village to divert rushing water from river

6:12 pm Sep 8
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10:23 pm Sep 16, 2009

FLASH B-6 requested for large interior of tires to use in rescue operation

6:11 pm Sep 8
FLASH ropes are placed in avocado and mangahan sta rita to aid evac and guide during this evening's operations

6:11 pm Sep 8
FLASH Numerous vehicles stalled in various locations, but many in Rizal Ave... left & right request for tow truck

6:09 pm Sep 8
FLASH flood level is almost the same as it was earlier (highest level)

6:06 pm Sep 8
117 Ulo Ng Apo rotunda and rizal avenue flood water at waist level

5:59 pm Sep 8
FLASH its 3:20 in the morning, water is fast rising and rain pouring heavily as predicted. Water level highest in fast years, people are calling for help

3:26 am Sep 8
TMB Landslide sa paglampas ng Transcon Old Cabalan, clearing operation on-going, half of road passable

1:14 am Sep 8
choi gud evng. s lhat

9:52 pm Sep 7
choi musta s lhat,,muawh.....

9:49 pm Sep 7
choi musta s lhat,,muawh.....

9:48 pm Sep 7
SIM Y451 N347 P331 T1129

2:44 am Sep 7
TelecomBoard ATM's use various service providers (globe innove, pt&t, pldt, etc) i'm using globe but did not notice service interruption yesterday. Tnx 4 ur info

2:36 am Sep 7
Guest gapo as of sunday around 3-4 in the avternoon all atm's are down. matbe because pldt has in problems. don't know. please pass on

5:46 pm Sep 6

5:12 pm Sep 6
TheClown parang kailan lng ano?hirap tayo makumbinsi ang mga investor ngayon $50B projects ng big countries!!workers ready for more works NO Negative anymore

1:18 pm Sep 6
117 fire at 115 jones st, DBS Demetrio B. Saliva property

9:14 am Sep 6
117 Landslide P12 Old Cabalan, Mariposa & Katar family affected

9:06 am Sep 6
2001497 Baha na po sa maraming barangay, at maghanda po tayo dahil mas matindi ang buhos sa Lunes at Martes ng gabi. ingat po

1:46 am Sep 6
(Con't)- Learn and Understand the BASICS: Writing, Reading and Math. Next is: THINK what Job History your going to put on your RESUME".

10:48 pm Sep 5
2001421 2M passed sooo fast

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Floods and still expecting heavier rains

DU3EJP>FYI, malakas buhos ng ulan sa Olongapo
DU3EJP>many areas are flooded as of this writing
DU3EJP>people have already been brought to evacuation centers
DU3EJP>and heavier rains still expected Monday and heaviest on Tuesday
DU3EJP>we are expecting electrical power shutdown very soon since the flood water have already reached levels of home's electical outlets

Saturday, September 05, 2009

2001421 2M passed sooo fast

(Con't)- Everybody's will go thru PHYSICAL EXAMS and BACKGROUND CHECK.( NBI clearances). Today is a good day to start cleaning up our acts!! And after all it's our HEALTH!! count first.

10:24 pm Sep 5
(Con't)- Keep the HOPE! We all know this is a construction business. So what TRADE and SKILLS do you think they will be looking for? We know we are going to speak in English language Right".

10:12 pm Sep 5
Guam's Job Possibility: There will be lot of poliitics to go around, and back and forth. It will be like a roller coaster in terms of news, so kababayans; hang in there. Do not just sit and wait, keep moving

10:02 pm Sep 5
choi HI IVY,,musta!!!!!!

2:35 pm Sep 5
choi grad. na tau,,lungkot noh!!!congratz sa lahat..GUDLUCK ALL

2:33 pm Sep 5
choi gud pm

2:31 pm Sep 5
Guest graduate nah tau mga tropa pips,,ma mi2ss koh kau!!!salamat

2:30 pm Sep 5
zaidoRed27 anG pGba2Lik nG mGa EGOZ!

2:25 pm Sep 5
christopher B were here again mwuaah

2:18 pm Sep 5
Keep an eye on children; minors from this sick puppies, it sstarted with family members, foreigners. It start with being friends with kids. Basically do not TRUST anybody.

1:40 pm Sep 5
Comment of Gordon's Safety and Security Speech: Having a Fire Drill in schools is a good start; Being aware of one's surrounding and stay vigilant all times is second. Be aware of PEDOPHILES.

1:33 pm Sep 5
BLIND cno cla rani cruz, ramon agregado, capili, ronnie yambao, moli manuel, raul marcelo?
11:26 am Sep 5
BLIND Hiling ng tao... lifestyle scheck sa Olongapo at SBMA officials - hanep daw sa komisyon, pauga at referral fee tumaga ilan sa kanila
11:20 am Sep 5
Guest hello poh.,

10:51 am Sep 5
redskin snickie mga pasaway ang mga katabi ko ha ..............

10:34 am Sep 5
redskin snickie hi girls..... mga pasaway yung mga nag open ng f.s .

10:33 am Sep 5
elena hai xa lht mmi2z q kau. . . .tx2x n lng,..,

9:31 am Sep 5
sarah yehey!!!..gradu8 n kme..yes!!

9:29 am Sep 5
ria.. gud eve..

6:59 pm Sep 4
christopher.B hi mam^_^ ano kya meon bks hehehehe napuzzle ako whaaa

4:41 pm Sep 4
Guest gndang hapon

3:36 pm Sep 4
Guest pokerface

3:36 pm Sep 4
Guest hello po sa inyong lahat kabayan

3:05 pm Sep 4
TFG Guthertz n Rory at SBMA Board
2:39 pm Sep 4
Guest Hello, could somebody tell me where and how could I contact Myma Fisco, please!

1:58 pm Sep 4
258 Electrical Fire sa Acacia Street, Gordon Heights around 9:55 am

9:57 am Sep 4
NICE Balita sa Olongapo mga ka berks?

12:57 am Sep 4
1998816 madelaine may complaint section sa PUD pero its best to write directly to the mayor
9:26 pm Sep 3
irish hi,gandang hapon senyong lahat!!

5:49 pm Sep 3
oliver jr. gudpm... ^^

4:36 pm Sep 3
mahalaleen gud pm mam bea, cncya n po nd kc me mkkpasok ngaun. mdyao msama kc pkiramdam ko. tnx po.

2:50 pm Sep 3
madelaine and bill ko na 1200 ay biglang naging 5,600 saan po ako pwedeng lumapit para ayusin to..wala na nga akong gamot ganito pa ang bill ko

2:28 pm Sep 3
madelaine saan ba ako pwedeng mag complain sa pandaraya ng elec.bill?? help asap

2:26 pm Sep 3
madelaine saan ba ako pwedeng mag complain sa pandaraya ng elec.bill?? help asap

2:26 pm Sep 3
Rideau Buhay Pinas

12:23 pm Sep 3
1997803 Telecom Hearing Suncel 1190
12:20 pm Sep 3

3:13 am Aug 31
carlo1985 pano kung ndi makaaten ng flag ceremony sa tuesday...due to a emergency lang wala me d2 gapo for 3 days magbabantay me ng uncle ko sa ST LUKE hospital

3:12 am Aug 31
carlo1985 lady in orange,brown,blue,pink,red,black,white, ndi ba isang taoo lang ang gumagamit aytz

3:06 am Aug 31

10:17 pm Aug 30
Guest OFWs may lose jobs in Guam to Americans

10:16 pm Aug 30
ria hello everyone

2:07 pm Aug 30
1992134 Botolan relief operation w/ lions
10:27 am Aug 30
osyris guten abend guys

8:12 pm Aug 29

8:12 pm Aug 29
osyris gutenacht guys

8:11 pm Aug 29
lady in brown ako din pho need ko txtmate

6:59 pm Aug 29
lady in orange ako din need ko txtmate

6:59 pm Aug 29
lady in pink kala nio kau lng ako din no need ko txtmaete

6:57 pm Aug 29
lady in blue me 2 i need also txtmate

6:57 pm Aug 29
lady in red hoy ako din need ko txtmate

6:56 pm Aug 29
lady in black hoyyyyy need ko din txtmate

6:56 pm Aug 29
lady in white hoyyyyyyyyyy need ko txtmate

6:55 pm Aug 29

10:47 am Aug 29
irish good morning po

10:23 am Aug 29
leonardo vento caser tommorows another day! with smile... ^^

10:10 am Aug 29
leonardo vento caser hi mam

10:08 am Aug 29
oliver millado jr. DOTA na. . . . ^^

10:07 am Aug 29
richard bautista try nd try until u succed

10:06 am Aug 29
nenok vento rakista lang

10:03 am Aug 29
oliver millado jr. Life Goes On! ^^

10:02 am Aug 29
christopher V.Bauista expect nothing from life^_^

9:40 am Aug 29
leakim.sia personal url should have

7:39 pm Aug 28
leakim.sia lea, dianalyn and albin please change ur fourth task subjet.. it should be olongapo-ph..

7:20 pm Aug 28
romeo hello

7:12 pm Aug 28
reym_07 i want sexy gurl,,

6:30 pm Aug 28
kAkAru33 hi guys,. pauwe plang aku,hehe mam papunta plang q jan 3rd flr,.ahaha

5:27 pm Aug 28
noel sabah el khair

11:49 am Aug 28
caloy study always to gain more knowledge

8:27 pm Aug 27
franky lets be friends and have fun

8:26 pm Aug 27
fernando.golfo hi

6:55 pm Aug 27
leilani.hernandez hello everybody

5:07 pm Aug 27
piamarie.calas helllo everyone

4:32 pm Aug 27
frannky hi!!!

4:14 pm Aug 27
1988125 reliable counter
10:38 am Aug 27
TheClown pagaralan nyo ang sariling salita nyo then share it to someone you love or relatives.

10:30 am Aug 27
TheClown see, sa amerika "sabihin mo yan" sapak sa "itim" ang abot mo "N" doon ay bawal..

10:26 am Aug 27
rodel suf m negga

10:24 am Aug 27
TheClown tapos ipapasok nyo pa difft. eh di Iisa Lang kayo with "one blood"

10:24 am Aug 27
cesar add nio ako sa f.s

10:23 am Aug 27
TheClown ang sarap pakinggan ang sariling lenguwahe ayan lng sa tabi-tabi nyo! tulala sila talaga nakatingin sa kawalan!

10:19 am Aug 27
TheClown salam malaykum salam, namaste, learn yung language ng palaigid nyo, at magkaroon kayo ng sariling identity as diff. language but "One Nation"

10:16 am Aug 27
TheClown Napintas ka adeng!, Gugma magaral mabuti!

2:16 am Aug 27
TheClown sa laki ng mga huli ng PDEA, pati si Hepe nakatingin na lng! "Grabe ang Sipag" talaga!, M.M., pantayan natin sila Go Matino!!

2:13 am Aug 27
j.c come and visit olongapo city the paradise of all touris attraction

7:24 pm Aug 26

7:23 pm Aug 26

7:22 pm Aug 26

7:22 pm Aug 26
j.c add nio me

7:22 pm Aug 26

7:22 pm Aug 26

7:21 pm Aug 26
j.c txt nio me 09199515129

7:21 pm Aug 26
j.c hello add nio me xa friendster kho

7:20 pm Aug 26
allan.gayen gdpm, to every one im allan gayen from sta rita now joining this training skills last august 24

6:47 pm Aug 26
leakim.sia pictures for your 4th and 3rd task are now available.. visit:

6:37 pm Aug 26
rodel eow muzta?

6:28 pm Aug 26

6:26 pm Aug 26
raymark i want sexy gurl,,yeah,,

6:21 pm Aug 26
romeo nice to be back

6:17 pm Aug 26
eric hi!

6:12 pm Aug 26
josephine.sitjar hi!

6:00 pm Aug 26
emelita.delosreyes hi

5:35 pm Aug 26
rhealyn.granil hello....

5:18 pm Aug 26
may hi

4:51 pm Aug 26
Jonathan Hi to all

4:44 pm Aug 26
Raihana Hello

4:44 pm Aug 26
vivian.paez1975 hello guys gud pm

4:38 pm Aug 26
aleah.saripada buenas tardes...

4:38 pm Aug 26
marie.lucban hi to all!

4:37 pm Aug 26
LADY GAGA elow po sa mga ng shoutmix.... and to the bat cave friendship we mizz yha pho :*

10:39 am Aug 26
Guest kindly send me list of applicant at guam

8:52 pm Aug 25

8:19 pm Aug 25

8:17 pm Aug 25

8:17 pm Aug 25
cleanth bagal nman d2

7:17 pm Aug 25
cleanth gasfakjhfjhaf

7:15 pm Aug 25
cleanth muzta k u lht?

7:14 pm Aug 25
mary ann hello

6:56 pm Aug 25
florence ohio gozaimas

6:55 pm Aug 25
allan hello pokerface

6:50 pm Aug 25
Guest can i ask a question

6:40 pm Aug 25
Guest mike

6:40 pm Aug 25
irishann hello guys!!!

6:38 pm Aug 25
joearchase holla>............

6:32 pm Aug 25
noel hello

6:28 pm Aug 25
jerry hi

6:27 pm Aug 25
roxie weh.. elo po sa mga batch 11 kamixzh kau tsk.sayang uala man lan taung outing huhu

6:10 pm Aug 25
grace hi!!

5:22 pm Aug 25
sarah eow

5:12 pm Aug 25
elena hai

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