Your Say: Olongapo Subic's Biggest Conversation

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Marko: Mr Ski, a little too much coffee, na? Conspiracy theories? You have a job in Subic Bay base? You can thank Gordon. Maybe you should move if you are anti-Gordon?

mrmichaelski: if you like Marcos then Gordon is your man. Gordon didnt stay mayor of olongapo without marcos approval Gordon Family will never let olongapo alone,that where all the money is. why is vote machine in olongapo first so they can see how they work. where did Gordon family get all the money for the 2 million hetors of land they own? the land was bought before the land auction were set for the farmers and poor Gordon help with 1 hand watch out for the other i work at subic bay naval base and with clubs owners, so i see him protect his people gordons are chamging yhr clubs now so they can get some of angeles sex trade back to olongapo where they will set up there protection . just watch and see what a pres. will gordon make, same as all the rest. filipinos will stay a 3rd world

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