Your Say: Olongapo Subic's Biggest Conversation

Monday, June 30, 2008

Siyokoy: Ramon, you are one of a kind.. one who will pimp his fellow men to foreigners

Siyokoy: John and I only wants to have our workers get their fair share.... enough to feed their children..send them to schol, roof above their heads...which cannot happen with minimum wage..and not even enough left to buy medicine when they got sick

Siyokoy: you got it ramon? Its that simple.. right?

Siyokoy: you dont have to dig in to your shallow

john: Siyokoy. I am an American who has been married to a Filipina now for 32 yrs. I have lived in OC in the early 80's and 90's on the bases. I am both happy and sad to see the investments in Subic. But it is too sad to see that there is NO caring by

john: by SBMA or ANY Gov't official about the lack of wages, benefits and safety of itd ow people. Why do they sell their fellow countryman so cheap? Sad sad sad. Lie is not easy for anyone, you have to work hard for what you require for yourself and

john: family. If a worker fails to do what needs to be done for his/her family, then they suffer. To me. SBMA is letting its family suffer daily at the hands of these companies. I dont care if they are Korean, Brits, Americans, Chinese, or whatever.

john: These comapnies need to be held accoutable for their lack of actions to take care of their workers. I bet they don't even give Xmas bonuses to them. Just take take take at the expense of the poor Filipino worker.

john: To continue bringing in investments is good, but to continue to provide cheap labor, no beneifits, serious safety issues is WRONG. Those in charge should be fired, whatever.

john: I wonder if in fact the Mayor of OC reads these messages? Can you tell me Siyokoy if there is a problem with in OC of too many Korean businesses going up and taking away from the Filipinos? What of bars, clubs tailored to them? I wonder as I have

john: been to S. Korea and know their culture and sexual needs, gambling and so on. Could it be that kicking out the bases has just brought in a different type of problem???

SIyokoy: Mayor Bong Gordon sure is reading this because he owns this im not sure if he will listen.. he's hands are tied regarding this issue... he knows the problem but wont raise a finger to resolve it.. for obvious reason.. campaign props..

SIyokoy: comes campaign period.. im sure he'll say he worked to get those investors and create more (sic) jobs..

SIyokoy: bottom line is... politics plays a great role in pmiping or workers

SIyokoy: *pimping our workers

SIyokoy: Phillipine politicians.. from barangay to president .. they got NO CONSCIENCE.....not a bit ...I dont know if you heard about Gov Panlilio of Pampanga.. he's a priest who won against the son of a dumb senator and from wife of a gambling lord...

SIyokoy: He's distrubuting a large part of income to his constituent by giving them free medical insurance.. imagine .. the previuos governor who is a son of dumb seantor, during his term of almost seven years.. the quarry generated 100 Million pesos..

SIyokoy: when the priest won.. the quarry generated income of 100 Million in less than A YEAR.... hahahaha

RamonAbello: Sec what happen sau

orlie: July 4 pagdating ni PGMA sa Hanjin subic, si Vic Magsaysay uupo nang chairman ng SBMA

Sunday, June 29, 2008

947082: Do not think of knocking out another person's brains because he differs in opinion from you

TheClown: sino ba ang mga aspirant to be a President?

vigilant: look like the local govt of olongapo is heavily favoring the trycycles and jeepneys in this city unmindful of local business and private motorist being affected by those loading zones no parking zones

vigilant: to please those undisciplined drivers of puvs it doesnt congest or ease the traffic during rush hours in ulo ng apo rotonda school zones etc instead it got much worse

vigilant: the lack of plotical will is what is lacking an iron fisted leadership worked before during the time of dick gordon

vigilant: this city is out of order!

vigilant: chaotic traffic, detoriating peace and order, a city being over run by vendors etc the list goes on and on

RamonAbello: Zambales mining bomb? since when they have guts to do this?

RamonAbello: Someone is behind this! Gen. Felix lets fix them b4 it get worst.

john: With all this investments in Subic, how is OC handling this I winder? Is the city being over runned by Koreans and Korean businesses? Are no time business owners in OC being pushed out of their businesses? Why no discussions in this site I wonder?

john: WHy is all the stories on here so directed towards all the investments in Subic with a few on problems with Hanjin and the deaths with no real stories on te impact the Koreans are having in OC. WHy are you hiding the problems from those on here

john: who live far awaay from Subic and hear all the problems and stories of what is actually happening in OC. OC is a great city with great FIlipinos who worked hard to protect the old bases for what is there TODAY.

john: Why is that the local Govt of OC is letting some Korean businnessman get away with the underhaded actions there? Is the Filipino going to let his/her country be taken over by these Koreans I wonder? You see them all over the PI now these Koreans

john: and the local FIlipinos are not happy. TO me its one thing to bring in investmaents to the country, but to let it get out of hand to the point it upsets many Filipinos, then it is time to take a second look at this problem.

john: I am would like to hear from others on here. Share your thoughts on this, for or against what was said.

Siokoy: good point John, but local officials here in Olongapo has got nothing to do with Investors in SBMA, They cant pick who's going to invest. Its the SBMA officials who got no balls, they sold our countrymen to foreign investors.

Siokoy: They put PGMA's interests first.. to get investors no matter what.. even to the point of having our local workers being exploited to the hilt.

Siokoy: and it's so sad that some of us here gave thier full support to those cold blooded SBMA officials.

Siokoy: I have nothing against Koreans ivesting in our country , but please.. let them know that we have our laws here too.. and rights.. workers rights..

Siokoy: what sickened me too is the inability of our local govt leaders to condemn this investors abuses..

TheClown: SBMA was created by intelligent mind but still ruining by few!

Kano: I guess its not who to blame.. its a matter of re-looking the policy i.e. safety and ensure that every worker is well taking care of.. we also dont want to let this people move back to their home country, aren't we?

Kano: So some kind of socio-cultural seminar kind of seminar must be given to all foreign investors and their families must be provided.. each foreigner must attend to this and explain all what they need to know about Philippines e.g. laws, policies,

Kano: So some kind of socio-cultural seminar kind of seminar must be given to all foreign investors and their families must be provided.. each foreigner must attend to this and explain all what they need to know about Philippines e.g. laws, policies,

Kano: whatever you call it.. point is let us be supportive and advise our thoughts to these leaders instead of scaring the investors away.. that's my one cent opinion..

Siyokoy: while we're heading to industrialization.. do heavy industries like Hanjin hires Safety Engineers, Safety Officers etc that will monitor safety procedures in work places..

Siyokoy: I cant believe DoLE clears Hanjin in recent work related accident.. that shouldnt happen anyway if only their engineers know that steel platforms needs to be shored up and supported too.. dont their engineers take considerations too of wind load

Siyokoy: calculations.. what happens if we have earthquake the next day? are those steel platforms able to withstand 5.0 RS quake?

Siyokoy: DoLe's staff are so dumb that they dont know what they are doing.. How can we progress if we have this incompetents in our govt agencies?

Siyokoy: Hanjin engineers are liable for their negligence....

Siyokoy: There's no such things as force majeur in construction nowadays.. with all the technology and information in construction industries...they should have known ar taken into considerations all aspects of safety in building construction..

Siyokoy: whether youre building a small house or a tall building or a ship... good engineers always take considerations of the safety of the structures.. even if its only a scaffolding

TheClown: Investors means "money maker" so is who is Who's real?

TheClown: if they pursue their case to court it takes years, but settle its only months..end of talking and blaming.

TheClown: without the help of foreign investor, filipino can stand but barely hard to be One. thats the struggles!

RamonAbello: if you "bully the investors" do you think they will come quickly? Philippines is growing its only a handful dont notices it.

RamonAbello: We are only a 100 yrs old consider to India 1000 yrs. and still they are on poverty? Considers we are still young baby

RamonAbello: as far as I know accidents do happen anytime anywhere. but "intentional accident" is diff.

TheClown: Even how tough our laws they consider it with flaws because of NO death penalty

TheClown: im agitated everytime I read a "baby girl" molested to the max by their own relatives, robbed, killed for no apparent reason, where is the justice for this human being?

Juan: Still no real discussions on what John has brought up here. Yes Philippines needs investments, but at what cost???? Does the FIlipino desire so much investments it is wiling to give up its country to other countries like Korea. S. Korea is very

Juan: small compared to PI, so with its vast investments in the PI, it is also moving a lot of Koreans to PI. You see them all over in the larger cities in PI. They are not just coming to OC to be near the Hanjin shipyard.

Juan: They are in Manila areas, they are in Cebu and many cities in between. Yes it is god to bring in investments, but then it is also a Gov't responsibility to ensure these investors DON'T take away from the poor FIlipino who struggles daily to take

Juan: care of his/her family. I wonder what the bar scene is like now compared to when the US bases were there. I wonder how many new bars are opened up catering to Koreans and their type of sexual desires. SO many blame the US military for its history

Juan: care of his/her family. I wonder what the bar scene is like now compared to when the US bases were there. I wonder how many new bars are opened up catering to Koreans and their type of sexual desires. SO many blame the US military for its history

Juan: care of his/her family. I wonder what the bar scene is like now compared to when the US bases were there. I wonder how many new bars are opened up catering to Koreans and their type of sexual desires. SO many blame the US military for its history

Juan: care of his/her family. I wonder what the bar scene is like now compared to when the US bases were there. I wonder how many new bars are opened up catering to Koreans and their type of sexual desires. SO many blame the US military for its history

Juan: while they had the bases there. I wonder if a new book is now opened to gather the history of what Koreans are doing in OC?

john: Siyokoy is so RIGHT. I work in a Navy shipyard and I can tell you that NO action is taken till at least two safety inspections are done prior to ANY work being done. OSHA s very strict on safety. SBMA is letting Hanjin dictate what will and will

john: not be done in regards to SAFETY. SBMA needs to bring in an outside company NOT related to Hanjin in any way to run the safety program. Only then wil Hanjin fall in line and safety improve at thuis shipyard.

john: Theidea of having cutures classes to tech these investors on PI laws and customs is good, but it will NOT improve the safety concerns. SBMA if YOU continue to sell your fellow Filipinos cheaply, then its YOU who are guilty, not the investors.

john: It is sad that comments made on here or even commentsmade to the stories that are posted here are going on deaf ears. NO ONE cares at SBMA and maybe even with in the OC Govt.

john: Sad as I and many see OC and he SBMA selling away Subic Bay to the highest bidder and letting them get away with destroying Subic Bay and cheaply selling their own countryman. SAD

john: In 10 years, lets see wher SBMA will be and how many of these investments are still there. Lets see how many more deaths there are at Hanjin.

john: Bottom line is this, PI Congress kicked out the US bases to bring in what? Investors that are getting away with murder at this yard? Seems the under thetable payoffs are now much more then when the bases were there. Sad. Wake up my fellow county

john: men, YOU are being taken advantage of in so many ways. Wake up before it is toooooo late and your children suffer in the coming years. It is time to stand up for what is RIGHT and get Hanjin and ALL these investors on track for safety and standards

john: that ALL Filipinos can have a good safe working place and good incomes with good medical and insurance PROVIDED to each worker. Stop laying down, stand up for your RIGHTS. Boycott Hanjin.

TheClown: what is "foreign investor" mean to us?

TheClown: question? is going abroad and be "rape and murdered" is an option to you rather than work her on PI with an investors?

TheClown: kicking out US by congress is a law and we suffered billions of dollars losses right? Now you want to listen to some politician to kicked out Investors? Why do they pay your bills?

TheClown: a "big" smile if they will pay ur bills upfront? You have to pay ur own bills right?

TheClown: Look and listen closely, observe..Your on your own when paying bills. so if someone want to help you be happy and help them too for the progress of PI

RamonAbello: Bara Bara Bay! Yan ang pinoykaya puro aksidente! ayaw sumunod sa batas basta makakalusot diba?

RamonAbello: puro kayo rally db? pagpaalis ng foreigner investor , tsk tsk pula na naman ang stock market, kau din ang tatamaan!

RamonAbello: Sa US almost $5 a gallon, tau Php62 lng yata galit pa kau? isip pa..

RamonAbello: My order ng President at Judge to destroy "shabu". tapos you dont want to obey? parang nakikita ko na ang tutuong kulay ng "nakapaligid sa huli". Disobedience to direct order po yan Sir!

RamonAbello: will you please explain in public bakit gusto ng Aboitiz magkaroon ng coal fired power plant inside subic? wla na ba alternatibo beside that option?

Siyokoy: As I said... Investors are good for our country, be it Koreans or whoever.. BUT...does it make any good if they abused you, maligned you, leave you dying while working?

Siyokoy: How would you feel if been fed then "slapped on the face" after you ate?

Siyokoy: We are world class workers.. and we deserved world class attention!

Siyokoy: You know Koreans are here? Because we are so good and soooo CHEAP

Siyokoy: We atre soo cheap because our dumb politicians wants us to be cheap..they get commisions from investors for selling us to them cheap

Siyokoy: Nasaan na ang prinsipyo natin? Our forefathers chose to die fighting invaders than to be taken as slave in their native land...remember the past and that will lead us to the future

Siyokoy: I know how you feel mr TheClown.. but why dont you try working with these investors.. How would you feel if you will be offered minimum wage for your world class talent? I know you'll grab it, bec you dont want to be hungry..

Siyokoy: we're not trying to scare away investors.. we doing a big favor for you and everybody becaus we want this investors to pay more for your skills

Siyokoy: You need to get respected in your own country

john: Siyokoy you are so right. Respect and good pay for the talents that are there in OC. Why is it that no one is responding to me???? Am I off base here with my comments? Does anyone agree with me?

john: WHo is The Clown??? Cano?????

john: WHo is The Clown??? Cano?????

john: My question to you Siyokoy is this. If local Filipinos for hom are working in SBMA are not getting good wages for their work and talents, then why are they NOT going on strike?? Seems they did when the old bases were there in the 80's as I was ther

john: My question to you Siyokoy is this. If local Filipinos for hom are working in SBMA are not getting good wages for their work and talents, then why are they NOT going on strike?? Seems they did when the old bases were there in the 80's as I was ther

john: My question to you Siyokoy is this. If local Filipinos for hom are working in SBMA are not getting good wages for their work and talents, then why are they NOT going on strike?? Seems they did when the old bases were there in the 80's as I was ther

john: there "Sta DITO". It's called unity, it's called coming together as ONE and speaking as ONE to get your concerns addressed. Yes there are some for whom can not afford to go out on strike.

john: But something has to be done if the Filipinos want change for the better. It is sad that those in power are getting millions under the table to bring in these investments and what do the workers get?????????

john: Sems to m that maybe, just maybe the people power of OC has died. Wher is all the people power that kept the old bases safe and clean till investment came? Seems someone needs to get this people power out of the closet once again and do some good

john: for the Filipinos of OC and surrounding towns. STOP laying down and taking this *

john: As they say, it's up to YOU all do do something about these problems and concerns. Fail to do anything = live the same old poop everyday with no good in the end.

Siyokoy: Thanks John.. TheClown is RamonAbello if im right...

Siyokoy: Unionism was discouraged by SBMA founders.. for any reason ... I dont know.. but it is obvious.. thats one bargaining chips used by politicians to lure investors... so workers wont ask for higher wages

Siyokoy: our worker's souls we're sold to lowest bidders

Siyokoy: All workers should know is that unionism is not illegal.. it is their constitutional rights..

Siyokoy: Am I right Sen. Richard Gordon?

Siyokoy: Now that SBMA can stand on its own.. can we bring back the worker's rights to form unions? Mr Senator Richard Gordon?

TheClown: as long they dont shoot our heads intentionaly and its accident , i will work again

TheClown: i hope they hear your "rally" for being a union

RamonAbello: Gulo utak ko ngayon..zzzzz na ako

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TheClown: Yan ang Pinoy! kahit magbuwis ng buhay basta matapos ang trabaho sa Hanjin

gapo: mga opisyal ng sbma mga tuta n gloria at mga taong halik lng ng halik s mga investor kahit masira ang mga lugar natin mga pilipino

gapo: dahil s mga asong opisyal ng sbma..nagiging 2nd class citizen tayong mga pinoy s sarili nating lupa..wala silang pagmamahal s bayan

gapo: alam lng nila ang perang pinapasok ng investor at wala n sila pakialam s masamang idudulot nito s mga kababayan natin.

gapo: ok na ok nman ang umasenso s tulong ng investor pero dapat pag-aralan nila mabuti ang maganda at pangit n idudulot nito.

gapo: e2 n ang tsika...DA ng sbma n may kabit n taga lythauz buntis daw at pero hindi alam kungcno ama coz tatlo ang BF hehehe in short pokpok an girl hehehe

pasahero: sa mga kapwa qng pasahero ng winstar bus na bumibyahe galing gate hangang crownpeak sabay sabay tayong magantay ng 1 oras bago dumating/umalis ang bus.

moderator: discussing current issue at this sight is welcome please refrain from commenting on personal issues

moderator: mudslinging character assasination statements based on hear says are not welcome here

moderator: that da might file a libel case you cant imagine you might end up in jail

gapo: sori sir...akala ko open s lahat ng puedeng sabihin dapat may guidelines bago kami mag type ng puede sabihin d2 ..sori again akala ko lng din open e2 s tao ng gapo..hindi pala thanks

gapo: hindi na po mauulit..sori po

KANO: Saan pwedeng magbigay ng mga donations para sa mga victims ng lumubog na barko at ang iba pang nasalanta ng bagyo? Meron po ba tayong place sa gapo na pwedeng magdonate ng mga goods like damit, grocery items, or pera?

KANO: Saan pwedeng magbigay ng mga donations para sa mga victims ng lumubog na barko at ang iba pang nasalanta ng bagyo? Meron po ba tayong place sa gapo na pwedeng magdonate ng mga goods like damit, grocery items, or pera?

KANO: Do we have a place we can send our donations, why dont our local government create a group mainly for this purpose? Just suggesting lang po..

KANO: At sa mga pamilya po ng mga biktima ng lumubog na barko at iba pang nasalanta ng bagyo..lubos po kaming nakikiramay sa inyo.. God Bless po..

RamonAbello: Pls lang ayusin ninyo ang "shoutbox"

RamonAbello: Nakikiramay po ang lahat ng Gaponians sa lumubog na barko.. at lahat po ng nasanlanta ng bagyo..tulungan po natin sila hanggang makatayo ulit

RamonAbello: Thank you po Sen. Gordon, your helping hands is evrywhere when disaster strikes.

john: I am wondering WHY it seems to me that maybe, just maybe there was so much concerns about bringing investments to Subic, that safety was not a concern?

john: For me and many both Americana and Filipinos wonder why it took 12 deaths before anyone at SBMA took any actions. When are those in power going to stop taking uner the table payoffs and be more concerned about giving up Subic Bay to "other"

john: countires like Korea who is ONLY there to use cheaper labor and increase their profits with no regard to the lives of Filipinos. To me this is selling away your own country to the highest bidder. What really are you gaining in SBMA??? Yes more jobs

john: and more income for the locals. Yes more investments for the good of the areas, but really are you gaining? Seems to many that maybe the PI is sellina away it land and people for what??

john: If the SBMA and all the those that NOW are asking for changes. then it is time to play hard ball and keep this Hanjin shipyard clsoed till they get the safety program on track and they let 3rd party inspectors in daily and weekly to watch each and

john: every move that is being done. Shipyards here have safety inpectors that go to each site and do safety inspections before ANY work is done which = to no injuries or deaths.

john: Years ago, the workers a the old Navl Base went on strike for better pay and closed the bases down for days. It is time for the workers at Hanjin to do the same thing. In the end it will be better for ALL workers

john: How many more deaths are the people of OC going to let go by before any real actions are taken????

john: Senator Gordon is a great leader. He has showed this by his actuions with Subic Bay when the bases were closed to his actions with all the disaters. He would make a great President.

TheClown: Thanks moderator!

RamonAbello: Tsika, medyo ingat na lang sa "language", wala pa naman tau "10M" for libel case. 12 deaths is a lot Sir, maybe u could settle or explain this on public.

RamonAbello: if Sulpicio can pay 200K, Can you pay more than that for compensation of SBMA family? Settle or Go to court for damages?

RamonAbello: Plus pay for the education of their Kids? just want to know your position regarding the deaths of our beloved workers Sir!

KANO: Bakit ganito na ang shout box.. me problema ba?

RamonAbello: if we can make money we can be close our family because of this investor why not? rather than going "abroad" being rape

RamonAbello: i told you my problem ang shoutbox

Me: Para kay Tulfo ng DWGO, pasama ng pasama ang image mo Tulfo!Kala mo kung sino kang astig kung makakikil sa mga pinupuntahan mong mga inirereklamo ng mga tao. Kung talagang public service ka walang pera-pera!

Me: At kung konting diprensya lang nman, magwarning ka muna, iyan ang public service.Dinudungisan mo ang pangalan ng mga Gordon

Me: Hindi aktitigil hangga't walang aksiyon and pamunuan ng Gapo sa iyong mga katiwalian TULFO!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RamonAbello: smugling, drugs and deaths of a workers continue, thinking of another source of income inside SBMA is very feasible. We are looking for jobs not death SIR!

RamonAbello: Why are you hiding your name? that keeps me thinking you are trying to hide something

RamonAbello: "Suspended" is diff. from "Fired" as I recall vigilant! "that good name" Respect " the clown" I totally agree

RamonAbello: Sen. Gordon for President as far as I know, When he was in SBMA I wrote a letter "that why dont he run for President"..I knew him since he become a Mayor of Olongapo City

RamonAbello: I will not call you vigilant , your name now is "Wonder"

RamonAbello: I miss you all " Sec, Anti, Respect, Guide, Wonder" - From THE CLOWN

RamonAbello: itong si wonder hindi ko alam kung bakit galit sa pulis at principal?? is there anything wrong with you? Thanks Sec. for ur advice..hehehe..

RamonAbello: sino gusto bumisita ng site ko? pra alam nyo "how clown I am?"

RamonAbello: nabasa ba ninyo ang complaint ni Asorio?

RamonAbello: Closure under further notice? they give you all the "safety" guidelines, but "death accident" continues!

RamonAbello: Sa lahat po ng nagbuwis ng buhay para sa SBMA sna mabigyan sila ng kaukulang halaga ng HANJIN!

RamonAbello: kahit Magsaysay, Gordon, Payumo or sino pa man ang umupo basta matino at ipaglalaban tayong lahat at boses natin sila.

RamonAbello: Guide, Sec. okey ba kayo?

RamonAbello: when they open again ang Hanjin please be safe everone

katutubo: Coal power plant sa SUBIC !! di ibig sabihin nito pumapayag si Senador Gordon at City mayor Bong Gordon na masira ang kalikasan ng Subic ??

katutubo: tapos aaprubahan ng SBMA .. the magtuturuan na ..para iwas sa mga sasabihin ng tao ? kagaya ng pagtayo sa building na mataas na gawa ng Hanjin !!!

katutubo: for sure lahat ng nangyayari sa Subic eh hindi pedeng di makarating kay Senador Gordon at Bong Gordon... nagbubulag-bulagan na rin ?

katutubo: for sure lahat ng nangyayari sa Subic eh hindi pedeng di makarating kay Senador Gordon at Bong Gordon... nagbubulag-bulagan na rin ?

katutubo: Basta tandaan nyo once na naitayo na yan coal plant.. isisi dapat yan sa mga Gordon at SBMA

katutubo: bat hindi itayo yan coal plant sa mga kalbong bundok ?? at hindi dapat yun sa mismong SBMA

TheClown: hoy tahimik yata inside sbma? sinunog nyo na ba ang "huli" or nghintay pa kau ng bidding? wag na ninyo palabasin yan mitsa pa yan!

TheClown: Im againts sa Coal plants kasi nakita ko na ang bunga niyan sa tao. lalo na sa drinking water.

TheClown: t kalikasan. wawasakin niyan ang bundok!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

comment on post "Why build a coal plant in Subic

Mario Esquillo has left a new comment on post "Why build a coal plant in Subic?":

Im not really an expert....but these informations has been thought to schools in Chemistry Classes since high school up to college....all written by experts.

We listen to experts whenever we search for answers....A doctor if we are sick, a dentist if we have a tooth problem, a professional Driver to drive us, a barber to cut our hairs.... Now, why cant we listen to these experts view, since scientests are experts on this>>>

According to scientific data> When NOx and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) react in the presence of sunlight, they form photochemical smog, a significant form of air pollution, especially in the summer. Children, people with lung diseases such as asthma, and people who work or exercise outside are susceptible to adverse effects of smog such as damage to lung tissue and reduction in lung function.

We boast to promote Clean Air in our City, and we take pride of the beauty of nature in Subic Bay....

Now for the Price of producing more electricity, we are closing our eyes to this reality..... We supported Clean-Air Act and now we are trashing it, and were even penalizing our motorists whenever they exceed the required limit during the emission test (We claim that we are doing this to clean our AIR... yet here we are, about to allow A COAL FIRED-POWER PLANT in the gateway of SUBIC BAY, a plant known to be a MAJOR contributor of harmful greenhouse gases, and eventually, the destruction of NATURE, simply because according to the proponent's presentation they are claiming that >>>"The plant, it says, will have “relatively lower NOx and SOx emissions,” “reasonable generation cost” and “contribute to the local economy and promote the domestic coal industry.”

What about the KYOTO PROTOCOL....and the issue that we are exempted from it until 2012?

Can we just ignore it just because we are a third world country??? I think we all deserve to be protected from the harmful effect of these gases the same way those who are living in the first world country. Our lives are as valuable as theirs and if its dangerous for them, it is also dangerous for us, with or without the Kyoto Protocol, is it not our obligation to ensure that our next generation will be safe from the ILL Effects of Global Warming???

If we say yes to this Coal Fired plant today.....we might end-up saying sorry to our children after 10 to 20 years.....too late....

Please let us not allow this to happen...

Mario Esquillo
Council Scout Executive
James L. Gordon Council


RamonAbello: pwede na sunugin nyi na ang "shabu" mismo s SBMA

RamonAbello: mga anak mahirap lang tayo so tiis muna plagi at magaral mabuti.i love you all

RamonAbello: ayusin mo ang set ssa shoutout

bmw: message to Richard

bmw: to Dick

RamonAbello: gawin ng abo yang huli nyo! huwag kayo matakot sa "goons" matakot kayo pag anak nyo na ang addict. Get rid of it ASAP! Goons ayun di tumagal ng 45years old bulagta na or nakakulong!

RamonAbello: Gaponians always be safe and pair, zzzz na ako!

RamonAbello: to Vigilant, prove muna bago comment, until not proven its a lost case

RamonAbello: Bago nyo pala sunugin, "INFRONT with ViDEO" ang lahat ng opisyales ng ZAMBALES at BATAAN! Para matigil ang turuan!

raymundtamayo: hi, i'm from subic enerzone corporation, power distributor of the subic bay freeport zone. i would like to ask who is the editor of olongapo subic news, and may i know his contact details like email address and phone number. thank you.

933704: MrTamayo you can send ur msgs to

RamonAbello: sana makita natin sa Video bago sunugin na magkasama ang mga former director ng SBMA at lahat ng opisyales ng gapo, zambales, bataan at pampanga just to show how strict sa "drug"

vigilant: the ombudsman have already decided on the gratft and corruption case thats why principal agabao was suspended! proved what mr abelo? are you lost? abelo

vigilant: mr abelo asked ombudsman merceditas gutierrez and assistant ombudsman mark jalandoni of task force sapak dont ask me!

vigilant: mr abelo open your eyes if theres smoke theres fire!

vigilant: for the benefit of the doubt , innocent until proven giulty! she was suspended already! maybe youre an associate of principal aggabao thats why youre always on the defense of her tell us were wrong! no wonder!

vigilant: keep on entertaining us mr abelo youre good at it!

Siyokoy: lol... one advice ramon.. think before you speak... lol

KANO: Hey friends.. dont be cruel..if he has a name for all of us..let us call him "THE CLOWN" ..

KANO: Alam ko maraming magre-react dito, pero I WILL VOTE.. Dick Gordon for President and will voluntarily be one of the campaign leaders if in case he runs for presidency.. OPINION KO ITO! The CLOWN will agree with me.. Right?

ednalansangan: go dick gordon for president on 2010.we are with you

Thursday, June 19, 2008

comment on post "DENR issued ECC to Subic Coal Plant

Mario Esquillo has left a new comment on your post "DENR issued ECC to Subic Coal Plant":

A serious comment...

POWER GENERATION through COAL is indeed one good way to lessen our dependency on oil. Our authorities should however consider the following fact:

- * Burning coal produces carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).
* These gases are vented from the boiler.

15 years ago, we dont buy water for drinking,we don't bother heat that much, weather is not as abnormal as it is today....

I hope before we support the COAL-fired power plant maisip muna natin.....15 years from NOW, baka pati hangin bilihin na na rin ng mga anak natin at baka ang shifting ng weather pattern maging per hour na o baka naman bawal na lumabas ng 8AM-4AM dahil sobra na ang init..

We take it so lightly and ignore the signs, the ave. temp of Subic during the Navy years is somewhere between 19-23..... ngayon the average is 26C to 32C, (the mere fact na JUNE na).

We don't even need to be an expert to see the signs.....Let us just be FACTUAL about this....ARE WE REALLY READY TO PUT OUR YOUNGER GENERATION's LIFE AT RISK???

Mario Esquillo
Council Scout Executive
James L. Gordon Council-BSP

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008




For question and help contact any of the person listed in the flyer.

SEE YOU ALL ........AUGUST 2, 2008

Dennis Raymundo
Engineering Design Services
Tel: (619) 544-8888 x 2463
Fax: (619) 744-1350


comment on post "SBMA orders probe vs Hanjin

SBMA orders probe vs Hanjin over deaths of 2 worke...":

John has left a new comment on your post "SBMA orders probe vs Hanjin over deaths of 2 worke...":

I am sorry for the lose to these two families as for the others that have died at this new shipyard.

It is very upsetting to me that the Philippines Gov't and the SBMA in its energy to bring in more investments to the old Subic Naval Bases, that it has FAILED to fully hold accountable these companies with strict safety rules and laws.

To me, I think Hanjin is and has FAILED to take ANY corrective actions on their POOR safety practices. How many Filipinos are going to be killed until the Philippines Gov't takes any actions????

FOr me, I think each famliy that has a death in Hanjin should be awarded $500,000.00 in cash. Until Hanjin is held to a higher standard in the safety of all its workers, then they should be hit in their profits...

I would also put those that FAIL to take the appropriate actions to correct these safety issues in jail..

As an American who has lived in Subic Bay with the Navy for 5.5 years and has many Filipino friends in the area, I think the Philippines Gov't is failing it's people in letting these POOR safety practices continue. I say shut them down till they get their act together..

Posted by John to Olongapo Subic News at 6/18/2008 10:34 AM

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Monday, June 16, 2008

bmw: where do you think customs officials in Subic get their nice cars and spending money. Have there been a lifestyle check on these guys, or maybe their cars is registrated on someone elses names

bmw: does media knows SBMA law

bmw: the ratio of police officers must be higher in SBMA then in North Korea, but still the Freeport is unsafe. If police force were reduced in half from 1400 to 700, it would be a better place, less harassment

bmw: Have there ever been a justification why SBMA needs 1400 men in law enforcment. What are these people doing. They have gates all over, but still stealing is rampant!

GoingStraight: I want to be in Subic!

antonia: subic im coming there soon..

RamonAbello: guide pasensiya na. i know ur feelings. ble sagot naman daw ng hanjin

vigilant: city national high school should impose stricter campus security rules the local police should do something about this and the school principal must sleeping on the job kick her out she doesnt deserved the job


vigilant: implementing it will solved 50 percent of the security problem

RamonAbello: Vigilant, OCNHS have a good school Principal, but because of "gang related", No one cant move easily to pacify incidence like this

RamonAbello: OCNHS is the last "tough breeding" school to rehabilitate students. Being a Principal with this kind of school You supposed to have a guts

RamonAbello: Madam Agabao doesnt have to do with this stabbing, "student fraternities do", Hello evry1, guide, sec, respect, anti, tsika, musta na kau? 2log kau or lazy lng

RamonAbello: being a Principal of OCNHS is a tough job! I salute Madam Agabao on her effort for giving an ample of time with this kind of students. Mabuhay ka Madam!

siyokoy: Sumasakit na naman ang ulo ko!!!

RamonAbello: Hi Sec.! hehehe easy ka lang. musta kana? zzzz ako 4few hours. but gising na ako ulit,

RamonAbello: Hay nakatapos din magenrol..ang dami ko ipinasok na walang tuition ang magulang

RamonAbello: olongapo, zambales, cavite, maynila ipina enrol ko! hay sama makatapos ng makatulong sa bayan

vigilant: ramon abelo then you give the principal a medal for command responsibility and dont put the blame on those gangs youre talking about!

vigilant: the principal is either no good or good for nothing! shape up or ship out!

vigilant: and stop picturing the school as some sort of a half way house and a rehab for juvenile offenders or is it

RamonAbello: Vigilant, when you say offender youre mentioning criminal or misdemeanor? as I mentioned "breeding ground" of students that want to be rehabiltated by the school

RamonAbello: if u study criminal justice, either you put on correction or community, OCNHS help an offender to give another chance to prove themselves.

RamonAbello: all teachers of OCNHS deserves a medal. because of their "meritoriuos heart" and guidance of this kind of students, I dont picture it its a fact.

RamonAbello: all teachers of OCNHS deserves a medal. because of their "meritoriuos heart" and guidance of this kind of students, I dont picture it its a fact.

RamonAbello: if you will not give a person a chance "who will", u just persecuted them for nothing, give them a chance of their life, its hard to rehabilitate someone, but give them a chance to our society

RamonAbello: tahimik yata ang Gaponians? why? tulog kau lahat?

RamonAbello: Sen. Gordon Thank You po "boses" ng Olongapo (SBMA) sa Senado at pagtulong sa Myanmar lalo na ang "pagtaas" ng "Bandila" natin

RamonAbello: zzzzzna ko at buzy muna ako ulit..

KANO: Been busy..will be transfering to another work location again.. anyway.. kumusta lang po kayo dyan! Ganun lang muna..

RamonAbello: Happy Fathers Day Gaponinans

RamonAbello: Respect ingat palagi sa work mo and may God Bless..bisita ka pag my time..

gapo: happy father's day

vigilant: the bemedaled principal is still sleeping on the job the stabbing shouldnt have happened if not for the laxity of the school security which is under the responsibility of the principal

vigilant: good management is predictive management not reactive management

vigilant: that school is mismanage by that principal

vigilant: aggabao charged with collecting unauthorized school fees and contributions as well as rental fees from stall owners in the school canteen without issuing official receipts

vigilant: charging students 15 pesos an hour for computers that was donated by a congressman to the school

vigilant: that principal was also cited for establishing a preparatory school right inside tha government high school the private pre-school reportrdly charged pupils 6,000 pesos per year and used the services of the high school's teachers

vigilant: she was suspended by the ombudsman! ramon abelo now you tell me! that principal is not mismanaging that school

vigilant: if your case is under the jurisdiction of the ombudsman it falls under GRAFT AND CORRUPTION!

vigilant: graft and corruption medal is more appropriate! dont you think mr abelo?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KANO: Ang "Konting Kurimaw" na yan ang sumisira ng buong imahe ng OLONGAPO!! Ang bulok na bayabas isama mo sa matitino magiging bulok narin. Kasi nga merong bulok! And when you say, "we will clean" ano ang magagawa mo?

KANO: Dalwa lang ang klase ng tao sa MUNDO.. ang bingi.. at nagbibingi-binginhan.. maganda ang point mo badong..sana lang mapakinggan!

RamonAbello: kulang pa ba ang billion of peso na "timbog". masakit yan sa kanila. so be happy sa merong "achievement"

RamonAbello: Alam nyo ang "drug test" can contest sa "court" sabihin ko lng na uminom ako ng aspirin kagabi or cough syrup useless na ang "drug test".

RamonAbello: saan kyo kukuha ng "toxicologist" na talagang mahusay? so be happy muna sa "Billion". lets help our city stand again!!

RamonAbello: As of now, we know ang "supply line ng meths". so "they" know, SBMA mean good business, not monkey business. "bukas mata" na lahat buking na sila!

KANO: haaaaaayyyyy...

KANO: sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RamonAbello: si Respect nag emote

RamonAbello: look out kyo sa laboratory saan kya yan?

nonie: Why is it that nobody is asking the friends of Ang's in the barangay?

nonie: He had been closely working with barangay officials since he donates stuff to them on so many occations, including their campaign chest

nonie: His daughter is an elected barangay SK kagawad

nonie: marami na pong nakinabang sa drogang yan dito sa barangay namin!!!

nonie: at dyan sa SBMA magkakasapakat clang lahat dyan

nonie: nagkataon lang na wala sa mood si officer ednave kaya sinita ung van ng smuggler

nonie: lambang lang po pagkakahuli sa drogang yan

nonie: di po talaga nahuli yan dahil sa pagsusumikap ng sbma, pasg at lalong ang walang silbing pdea

nonie: kalokohan din yonghinahanap pa daw si Ang, eh pinaalis na nga nila pati vietnamese boat na nagdala ng droga eh

nonie: kung talagang gustong hulihin yon, itatawag lang sa Coast Guard at mahaharang na yon, pero pinabayan talaga!!!

RamonAbello: watch "American Gangster" pra my idea kayo "how drugs works" at ang mga bad and good "pulis na dedicated" at "tapat sa serbisyo". counter intelligence.

RamonAbello: minsan nga walang mga pangalan ang "ahente" sa kahit saang kampo at napapatay ksi alam nila kalaban "deep" pla. mahirap ang maging pulis. "Be proud kayo sa kanila" they risk their life just to gain a simple recogniton of

Tom: Sige nonie, kung may alam ka . . maganda ang nasa news ngayon, may matatanggap kang reward, bayani ka pa.. nabasa mo na ba?

RamonAbello: pwede walang turuan at sisihan kung "Why

RamonAbello: Billion! good job! walang "superiority" lahat pantay sa pagaresto ng my kasalanan sa batas.

Siyokoy: Ang gulo na naman ng sttaemnet mo Ramon Abello hahahahaha, liko liko eh.. isa isang isyu lang kasi.. parang chopsuey ang mga topic mo eh.. nahihilo kami

Siyokoy: wag ka kaisng magtipid ng letra.. wala namang bayad eh.. di naman txt message ito.. kumpletuhin mo ang paliwanag mo bago mo baguhin ang isang isyu.. ok ba?

RamonAbello: hi Sec, dami tau agenda pero quiet muna ako.miss you guys, respect, anti, guide atb miss u palagi! zzzz muna ko

KANO: Syokoy..wag mo na kasing patulan.. isipin mo nalang kung ano ang sinasabi niya.. ha.ha.ah.ha.ah.ha..

RamonAbello: ayan pwede na kau maging "private eye" my reward pa kau

RamonAbello: billion? big fish talaga! di sya gurami lang! pero my kulang sa ano ang agenda pa natin? Sec. clear my name ok? love namn kita db? hahaha

RamonAbello: i have an idea pero nakakatawa "whistle or pito" every household para pag my crime in the area "blow the whistle"

RamonAbello: "blow the whistle" to alert the neighborhood when crimes happen!

vigilant: shabu that was apprehended were but just a part of the drug operation in subic they are dealing with organized crime here it has been going on for a long time common sense dictates that if they can smuggle in luxury cars and hide it smuggling

vigilant: drug is just like a walk in the park or easy as picking apples!

vigilant: reward system for drug informants! that wont work who you kidding PDEA!

vigilant: C.A.N.U. ( contabulary anti narcotics unit) NARCOM etc the list goes on and on that reward system wont work YOU CAN CONTROL THE DRUG PROBLEM BUT YOU CANNOT ERADICATE IT!

vigilant: stop day dreaming

vigilant: pls read on the guidelines of the reward system and you wouldnt dare it is also prone to abuse!

vigilant: you will a hero! its says you guys really know how to make people laugh!

Katutubo: Ito ba ang kapalit ng Hanjin ? di na maaring makapangisda ang ating mga mangingisda na sa ating sariling dagat? ito ba ang kapalit ng kaunlaran ?

Katutubo: yun gwardya na gunggung !! di ba nya alam ang magsalita sa maayus na pakiusap ? at kailangan pang murahin at tutukan ng armas ang mga walang sandata na mangingisda.. at ang sandata lamang eh lambat at bangka ..

Katutubo: yan dagat na yan eh mga ninuno pa natin ang nangingisda at sa isang iglap mawawala ang karapatan nila gawa ng hanjin ?

Katutubo: kung magnanakaw yan mga mangingisda .. hindi sila bubuhayin ng mga bakal lang ng hanjin !!! isda ang kailangan nila at hindi yan mga bakal !!!

RamonAbello: guide medyo trace ko kung my kinalaman sa harrasment of drug sindicates ang pagkamatay ng mangingisda.

vigilant: what about the lapses of pasg on preventing smuggling in subic look at the mirror boys your face aint clean either!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

RamonAbello: kung totoo ang comment nila na my "hired killer"get thier picture and post sa internet so we can also help to locate them, we do good things so we dont have to hide to them. they supposed to hide.

KANO: Parang nakakatakot ng TUMIRA sa OLONGAPO.. Garapalan na ang nakawan at ang incidence of drug related crimes.. nabibingi na ba ang local government natin? Baka bumalik na naman ang "black van" niyan..remember during the 80's?

KANO: Sa pag babasa ko dito sa blog na ito, it seemed na parang over the counter nalang ang pagbili ng shabu..ganun ba talaga ang situation? Atsaka dati inalis narin ang sabong pero last time nakita ko meron parin diba? then nabasa ko rin dito meron paring saklaan.. ano na ang nangyayari sa atin? Bakit parang gumugulo ata ang isang dating tahimik, maunlad at malinis na OLONGAPO..

KANO: Wag nating hayaang mangyari ito.. Sa amin pong mga lider sa Olongapo.. patunayan nyo na this is still the best place to live.. the safest and cleanest city in the philippines as it used to be...

RamonAbello: Kung "may utos na". lets go clean! di tau ang tinatakot nila. maglinis na ng mga basura! "its a green light"

RamonAbello: My tropa kyong pulis be proud kau! kz my tiwala kau at sila sa community. iilan lang ang "kurimaw" tago pa. Be Proud of Your Police!

RamonAbello: Sguro mas manginig kau pag "company ng student ng pagkapulis" ang pasusunurin ninyo sa PCCr mismo. doon bka isumpa ninyo paano kayo pasunurin at patinuin ng mga pulis! hehehe

RamonAbello: if you see a policeman " hug or shake his hands" thank him for keeping you safe

Siyokoy: Hanggang hindi nalulutas ang mga krimen at ang malalang drug pushing sa Gapo ay hindi kami ligtas

Siyokoy: Nice try Ramon Abello.. pero may mantsa na ang kapulisan.. hanggan hidni nila nililinis ang hanay nila.. sibakin ang mga adik na pulis at mga protektor ng pasugalan, hindi mapapalagay ang mga mamamayan

Siyokoy: You cannot erase this imperssion on our police force unless they clean up their act together.. from the highest rank to the lowest police officer

RamonAbello: While we are thinking to get more investor, Yung iba sa senado gusto naman paalisin because of "ego" di naman nila kaya pakainin ang bansa!

RamonAbello: matanda na sila s senado, buti pa si Sen. Gordon, proved nya ang SBMA creation. pls naman 1986 gutom kami, gagawin nyo ulit!

RamonAbello: Aha doon talaga sa tubig ang pipeline, huli kayo! Custom buti pa doon kyo sa Navotas magbantay di kau bagay sa SBMA sinisira nyo lang! palitan yan ng bagong director!

RamonAbello: Gaponians bantayan ninyo ang galaw ng mga "supplier". dnt be scared sa kanilang goons mas marami ang matitino! Goons lang sila, tau good citizens! take them out!

KANO: Nuong bata ako, if people asked you where do you live and told them na sa Olongapo...sasabihin nilang bad ang lugar natin dahil maraming mga entertainment clubs for adults..
KANO: 90's came umalis ang kano.. nawala ang mga kumikutitap na mga ilaw.. naging almost ghost town....pero dahil sa volunterismo..naisalba natin ang lugar na ito..naging maganda ang image natin..nawala ang "SIN CITY" image natin.. naging center of business tayo.. salamat sa lahat.. napakagandang development nito..

KANO: PERO ngayon, eto na naman tayo, this time..its BIG.. billion peso drugs trade.... kahit saan pahayagan mababasa mo ang tungkol sa SUBIC BAY.. hahayaan ba nating yurakan ang pinaghirapan natin? hahayaan ba nating ang image ng olongapo ang maging drug haven?? again we are in the battle ground again, fighthing to make our image clean again..but how??

RamonAbello: Respect, pakitanong kay Sec, yung comment nya sa akin na "addict daw ako" hahaha wrong info ba? dont worry "we will clean our image na sinira ng ilang kurimaw"

RamonAbello: Meths are no place sa SBMA.. they find another place they are not welcome sa Olongapo anymore!!

RamonAbello: Gaponians for the benefits of our "APO" (grandchildren), uproot
RamonAbello: milyon ang gustong tahimik na buhay, konti lang ang "kurimaw", lamang lagi tayo sa bilang ng matitino! zzzz muna ako, thanks and Hi evry1!

Siyokoy: Hahahahaa magsumbong ba naman sa kuya niya...

Badong: Mayor, EJP, at sa iba pang opisyal na sumisilip dito.. may mga hakbang na bang nakaporma para sa pagsugpo ng illegal drug dealing sa Gapo? May ordinansa na bang inihhain.? May information campaign na bang nakahanda laban sa ipinagbabawal na gamot?

Badong: Involve na ba ang mga barangay officials sa pagsugpo ng illegal drugs?.. May sasagot ba sa inyo?

Badong: Why dont we start cleaning your "backyard", Mayor. Make it mandatory to have all govt employee to undergo drug testing evry six months.. and you'll be surprise how sick our society is...

Badong: And. Senator Dick Gordon.. can we have a law that will require all employers screen all their applicants and employees to undergo drug testing? And declare their establishment " drug free" zone?

Badong: Lalong lalo na sa mga Government offices...

Badong: And another suggestion Mayor, drug testing facility or entity should be independent or not government the General Hospital. 918547

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Friday, June 06, 2008

RamonAbello: Wow!! Pls. respect Gay Nation its their choice! Media pls responsible sa "news" sa SBMA. they are following the chain of command. Sec. Syokoy, ur alive again!!

RamonAbello: Bring "Good" Investor! Dont listen sa "gusto magpa - alis at manakot ng investors "filipino will stand" but how? kung "alimango" mentality, lagi kayo magbangayan! Tignan nyo si Sec. Syokoy lagi ako nilalatigo!

RamonAbello: Contractual workers is better than nothing db? "Dayuhan" is on our Blood! so why dont we ask help if they can db? being SBMA director is not a joke, ur running billion of investment.

RamonAbello: billion of investment na gusto sirain ng "ilang tao". payag ba ang mga Gaponians na mawala ulit ang SBMA? nakakalungkot "We want to build for our APO" they want to ruined it
RamonAbello: billion of investment na gusto sirain ng "ilang tao". payag ba ang mga Gaponians na mawala ulit ang SBMA? nakakalungkot "We want to build for our APO" they want to ruined it
RamonAbello: SBMA built by "Good People" lets take good care of our future investment our "Grand Children", Sec.Syokoy, Katutubo, Kano, Badong, atb "Hi" lets keep SBMA safe!


Siyokoy: pagmamahal yun Ramon,, nilalatigo lang kita pag mali ang pinararating mong mga impormasyon.. gayundin sa ibang contributors dito.. try to check first if your info is reliable or factual
Siyokoy: wag banat ng banat kung di naman erlevant yung info mo sa issue
Siyokoy: *relevant
RamonAbello: Yan si Sec! pag mali akolatigo agad para itama. sarap mo magmamahal puro na ako latay! hehehe

RamonAbello: Sorry and pls. dont give up sa "pwersa ng kapulisan" marami ang matitino diyan "civilian plus pulis" good community
RamonAbello: Gaponians! Lasing ba si Vigilant? laki ng lettra! baka galit

RamonAbello: Gaponians bkit sila binigyan ng appreciation award, tayo dito wala? Waaahhhh! Katutubo, its unfair!!! hehehe
RamonAbello: School Uniform - tatangalin? why? di natin alam kung stuyante or hindi tuloy
RamonAbello: zzzz na ako, Gaponians Be safe and vigilant miss u all
Sailor: Am I wrong, but all those taht are at large from the shabu crime are not Filipinos, but in fact Koreans?
Siyokoy: they're fil chinese, some are chinese merchants
Siyokoy: Media.. wag bibitiw sa iyung Shabu sa SBMA,, lalo na sa pag search ng bahay ni Ang,, bakit kaya di pa mabigyan ng search warrant ang pulis? takot ba silang may makitang dokumento na nagpapatunay na may naka payroll na pulis o pulitiko?

Siyokoy: nakupo .. calling all media.. pakitutukan po niyo ito...walang bibitiw
KANO: Syokoy, MAGANDA YAN.. smells fishy..mmm..aabangan ko rin yan..
KANO: nuong isang taon ko pa nirereklamo ang madilim na daan.. lalo na sa cabalan.. subukan nyong pumunta duon makikita nyo..mura lang ang ilaw diba?
KANO: mabubuting tax payers naman ang olongaponians.. bakit yung ibang basic services hindi kayang i-provide?
KANO: SANA naman bigyan pansin ang ILAW SA KALYE..LALO NA SA MGA DINADAANAN NG MGA TAO AT JEEP!! Wag na nating antaying merong mangyari saka pa tayo kikilos..

KANO: And by the way, pabor ako sa suggestion ni Syokoy, kung talagang walang dapat itago ang mga kapulisan at mga barangay officers natin, bakit di natin ipa-drug test.. There is nothing wrong with least malilinis natin ang name ng ating mga officers/offcials..kaysa naman puro negative ang naririnig natin..
KANO: prove them they are wrong..

Siyokoy: hirap niyan baka mag padrug test nga pero dun sa kakutsaba nilang lab.. o kaya adulterated na ihi ang ibibigay.. kailangan non partisan o independent lab ang gagawa at may kasamang media.. sus nanginig na ang tuhod ng adik na mga pulis

Siyokoy: I dont have anything against the police force...what i detest are those few who are tarnishing the good image of majority of PNP.. we need to get rid of them in our system
Siyokoy: lalo na yung matataas na opisyal...again calling all media.. pakitutukan lang ang isyung shabu sa SBMA.. wag bibitiw .. baka may akyat bahay na pulis sa bahay ni Ang at kinukulimbat na yung natirang shabu hahahahaha

RamonAbello: buzy kayo lahat at very active sa "solution".Alam ko minsan sumulat ako kay Gen.Barias tungkol sa "rouge cops" dami na tinangal at darami pa my damay pa kaya

RamonAbello: just be vigilant evry1 sa drugs na meths. it can kill people lives. We know they can resupply, but where?? Marami pulis ang matino? So lets observes them as they observe us.

Badong: Press and mediamen shold file a protest against PASG and PDEA for barring them from witnessing the "search operation" inside Mr Ang's house.. why did the authorities did that? How can we trust them now? And why it took so long to issue the

Badong: warrant? Now peolple are asking .. what if there was shabu inside the house and they did not declare it? what if there are paper trails or documents that will prove that govt or police officers are on his payroll?

Badong: Ano naman ang mawawala sa PASG o PDEA kung may media sa loob ng bahay ni Ang habang ginagawa ang search? Makikihati ba ang media? Hay naku.. hirap talagang habulin ang kaso pag malaking pera na ang involve

Badong: How can media will jeoperdize their search operation? This will only show that law enforcers have something to hide too.
Badong: my bad .. only PDEA conducted the raid..

RamonAbello: hehehe, big question mark ??? Y search warrant takes so long? Y nakaalis ang suspect? billion huli ang kapalit naman db? my kulang sa eksena talaga! isip pa tau..

RamonAbello: hehehe, big question mark ??? Y search warrant takes so long? Y nakaalis ang suspect? billion huli ang kapalit naman db? my kulang sa eksena talaga! isip pa tau..
RamonAbello: police checkpoint? okey yan ng tumahimik ang Gapo

Katutubo: korek.. ilawan ang buong kalye ng olongapo umpisa sa city proper hanggan sa dulo ng nasasakupan.. para naman iwas sa mga krimen..
Katutubo: yun liwanag kasi eh deterrent yan sa mga taong may madidilim at masasamang hangarin sa mga tao.. pailaw po sa kalye please lang po !!!
RamonAbello: check point then, sonahin, ikulong ang my record sa pulis. bawat barangay chairman look at ur place and provides lights!

RamonAbello: kumusta na evry1! katutubo kung sinong barangay ang sakop "provides lights" pagtulungan po natin! "P.U.D." pls. do ur jobs. or else palitan ang inspector nila.

vigilant: media is not part of police operations! only shabu users experience paranoia praning in tagalog parlance or tamang hinala!
vigilant: street lights wont deter criminals police visibility would!

vigilant: dick and kate gordons time crimininality in olongapo is at its lowest why is it this time of bong gordon crime in olongapo is rising in an alarming rate?

vigilant: ecomomics! we dont think so! its the sugar coated leadership of bong g. whose priority is the proliferation of vendors everywhere trycycle and jeepneys violate trafffic with impunity, prostitution is on the rise! drug pushers abound! maybe the mayor

vigilant: is busy playing with his band!
Badong: Why cant we have media on every police operations? Have you seen the reality TV series "Cops"? All police cars are equipped with cameras.... buy bust operations are being done with camera involved.. and you know why they're using this techn

vigilant: you be the judge!
Badong: To have a strong evidence of course.. kailnangan natin ang media coverage sa kanilang operations dahil puro palpak ang pulis natin pag dating sa pagkalap ng ebidensya

Badong: palawakin mo lang ang iyong pespective , vigilant..
vigilant: are you lost thtas america youre talking about and thats not media on board thats police cameras for your information learn to differentiate!

Badong: bakit maraming poloce operations ang pumapalpak pag dating sa korte? Maraming kasong isinampa ng pulis ang nadidismis dahil sa technicality.. kulang sa ebidensya.. pag may media at camera coverage.. di ba mas matibay na ebidensya ang hawak nila?

vigilant: youre lost! and confused were talking about medias participation on ploice operations have you read the police rules of engagement? not cameras
Badong: And thats my point .. to have a strong evidence against criminals... at para maiwasan din ang pagiging corrupt ng police...

Badong: You got my point vigilant? F
Badong: F*#ck the rules of engagement.. di rin naman sinusunod ng mga pulis yan .. we need extreme measures to solve extreme problems

Badong: Ok.. here's my question.. Why does it took so long for the pnp to acquire search warrant? Why cant they have media in that operation? Wala na si Ang sa bahay na yun kaya walang peligrong magkabarilan... and this is a high profile case.. maraming involve dito, pati mga tropa mong pulis
Badong: Anong iniiwas nila sa media? Hindi ka ba nagdududa?

Badong: You are the one who's lost.. vigilant. Out of touch ka sa reality..
RamonAbello: ok, so 1. police visibilty, 2.street light, 3. video during arrest, and 4. media involved during police operations. Yung (4) medyo critical kasi baggage ng police during pursuit at "wlang santo ang bala" so very critical but if they want to

RamonAbello: so ang pipeline nila nsa tubig! pwede rin sumama ang media ingat palagi.
RamonAbello: pag pumasok kasi ang media talagang pasok my video pa. minsan nga lang sobra sa balita..hehehe, hi badong "relax" kay vigilant hehehe 4sure observer din yan

RamonAbello: Gaponians "start cleaning the image of our city again" let PDEA do their job. they know where to start now. Help rebuild our city from "shame of drug" Pls. Help one another to "Rebuild" again the image
Badong: If the news reporter o f CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, can go to Iraq and cover the war with bullets flying over their heads.. why cant our news reoprter cover a simple police seacrh operations. Why Jessica Sojo can cover war in mindanao and not let news
Badong: reporter be in a buy bust operations?

Badong: what "rules of engagement" are you talking about? Common sense mga Igan....
Badong: If anything happens to these news reporter.. then its only them to blame.. its their risk of trade..

Badong: Kaya lang ayaw ng puis na may medai sa kanilang operations dahil they often cut corners pagdating sa bagay na yan.. its either they torturre suspects or plant some cases they kill innocent people..
Badong: You got my point ? Vigilant? Ramon Abello?
Badong: Do you want me to explain what "rules of engagement" is? Vigilant? Para maliwanagan ka?

KANO: Yung Customer Service Training sana unahin mga empleyado sa munisipyo lalo na sa mga bayaran ng ilaw.. bakit laging pila?? Sa bayaran ng tubig at lahat ng local government controlled agencies.. suggestion lang..sila ang unahin..

PAGASAboy: unahin na ni mayor sana ang lumalaganap na crime d2 sa olongapo...
PAGASAboy: lingo lingo laman na tau ng news di dahil sa achievement kundi sa krimen. patayan... at totoo po bang naholdup ung accord bank nung wednesday>>
PAGASAboy: sana magkaroon ng drug test lahat ng government employee, barangay official and even the city official, the PNP drug test ang hiling! 4 years na ako sa gobyerno pero di pa din ako nadadrug test
PAGASAboy: gush! di ba malapit na malapit lang sa city hall and police station yung accord bank? pano pa un naholdupq! nakakatakot na dito sa gapo... i hope hindi lang sa simula kumikilos ang mga taong dapt kumilos... tapusin nila ang kanilang trabaho hangang sa huli... di pedeng pangako ng pangako at wala ng mangyayari... gising

Badong: That's what I've been advocating all this time...... SOLVE THE DRUG ADDICTION AND DRUG PUSHING here in Olongapo...hindi na dapat natin sinasabi yan dito but because of local govt and police force's incompetence...we need to
RamonAbello: ang dami nyo na meaning lng nagigising natin ang mga GAPONIANS! go ahead just for be vigilant sa good future of our city

RamonAbello: and to all "NBI" thank you po sa tulong na binigay nyo sa "SBMA", d2 lng ako lagi.
RamonAbello: Sen. Gordon and Mitos Magsaysay, im sad pero lets do the best na huwag masira ang "dream" nyo sa "Gaponians" lalo na sa "SBMA". Yan ang flagship ng Bataan, Zambales at Pampanga! thank you po

RamonAbello: Anti, Sec, Respect, Guide, Thank You sa concern nyo sa SBMA! I salute evry1 of you
RamonAbello: 50M bribe is not a joke, yung iba "kotong 100pesos" pwede na pra sirain ang badge db?. Now they proved SBMA is not thier place to do "illegal drugs". Marami ang "matino" tandaan nyo yan!
RamonAbello: tutal gusto ninyo ng "drug test" kung may panggastos ang govt??? kunin ninyo ang "urine, hair at fingernails" for sure ako kahit taon sila huminto huli pa rin.. hehehe!

vigilant: the rise of criminality here in olongapo is the weak leadership of the mayor followed by the rubber stamp city council the police dogs who are in cahoots with the criminals or they are the criminals themselves! and his minions of lleeches and
vigilant: opportunist! pity your city!

RamonAbello: Pls lng. Respect ninyo ang mga local official ng Olongapo City, SBMA is a forefront ng business. Di lahat ay "kurimaw" nadamay lng ang matitino.

RamonAbello: ang pulis ang huling takbuhan pag tayo inabuso or agrabyiado. Sila ang last resort ng sumbungan. Pls have Respect while you comment againts them
vigilant: learn to respect to be respected you have to earn it too! lets be frank and quit the go around bottom line is effective leadeship!

vigilant: dont trust the police!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

gapo: hindi porke naka disgrasya na makita yung mga box ng shabu relax relax n..dapat lalo sila maghigpit at nakikita ang katangahan ng sbma sekyu..imagine,hindi nahuli ang barko..means hindi nila alam kung cno ang lumalabas at pumapasok n barko s sbma

RamonAbello: (Sec) Syokoy, Katutubo (Guide), Badong (Anti), Kano (Respect), Gapo(Tsika) ayan my code na kau!

gapo: and 4 ur info mr.arreza hindi sbma sekyu ang nagturo at ang PASG lng ang nakahuli at andun lng an mga tanga n sbma sekyu kasi jurisdiction nila an sbma.bakit kaya nakakalusot ang ganito mr.arreza?hindi kaya may kapit dyan s malakas s sbma?cno kaya?

RamonAbello: Sec and Anti, you started this "vigilant" move so dont hide now, mas marami ang matitino..drugs can reproduce within a week or month but di nila alam kung saan ang bagsakan nila. Galit akoksi they ruined the good name of SBMA.

gapo: isa p mr.arreza,itago mo muna an mga detalye kung gusto mo mahuli an ibang kasangkot at huwag ibulgar s media kung cno cno pa involve n barko...nakikita tuloy ang pinuno ng tangang sbma sekyu na tanga din pala.taga gapo ka ba?walang tanga s gapo !!!

gapo: korek...nasisira ang pangalan ng SBMA sa mga opisyal n walang malasakit,im sure hindi sila taga gapo..dahil kung taga gapo sila like sen.GORDON malinis ang sbma at gapo

RamonAbello: SBMA sec. dont be afraid na sitahin ang mali, sampal sa buong pamunuan ng SBMA ang ginagawa nila. all workers be "vigilant" sa loob. dont let them ruined our good names!
Badong: PNP... dito pala s WBB nakatira ang drug smuggler.. bakit kaya di maamoy ng mga pulis yan,, hmm dali namang manghuli ng small time pusher at pakantahin kung saan ang source.. bakit di rin kaya maamoy ng ating pinuno ng barangay.. may kumikita kaya

Badong: kaya dito? may nakapayroll kayang pulis dito ke Mr Ang? Mr Senior Supt Villacorta.. ano na nangyari sa inyong Intelligence network? Meron ba kayo nito?

Badong: Ano na nangyrai sa training ng mga pulis? Hirap kasi sa inyo huhuli kayo ng small time na tulak tapos eh kokotongan niyo lang at patatakbuhin uli.. tapos pag "mataba" na naman saka ulit huhulihin

Badong: hay buhay.. paano na ang buhay ng anak ni Juan dela cruz
Badong: adik na wala pang trabaho
Badong: mamang pulis.. konting sipag naman diyan

EricMahinay: Im happy that I found my way here

Badong: Welcome aboard Eric

RamonAbello: Anti nasan na si Sec, tahimik yata ngayon? kibo naman kayo sa situation

Kano: sana "totally" ma wash-out lahat ng sources ng mga ipinagbabawal na gamot na yan. yung ibang mga kababayan natin sa gapo sana naman isuplong na lahat ang mga yan... this is a blog.. iditalye nyo ang lugar at pangalan.. kung takot kayong mag email kay PNP or naiilang kayo..dito nalang sa BLOG.. shout it.. let people read what you know that our officials should do.. by the way bakit naman kasi kailangan pang mag-email sa inyo PNP? tanong lang po..di pa ba sapat ang information dito?

Kano: tanong lang po? And sa mga hotpots places na nabanggit ano na ang resulta? Just asking lang po..

RamonAbello: Gaponians on the Go! respect hank you for your support. Dont be afraid to informthe public marami po ang matino kaysa tarantado. Alagaan po ninyo ang SBMA iyan ang kabuhayan ng mga APO natin. .

RamonAbello: Sec? saan ka na? Tsika, Anti, Respect lang ang nandito! nawawala ka? reply naman
RamonAbello: "the guide" okey lang ba kayo ni sec. nwala kayo!

empleyado: FYI lang po .. pls double check the locators within our freeport, nagpapa register sila usually as trading companies, pero walang actual na activily, they simply needed the CRTE

empleyado: mag occular kayo, marami sila jan sa mga office -for-rent na site... baka may madale kayo na kahit small time illegal transactions.

empleyado: these "locators" just need an office, crte, and other registrations which are so easy to do here.. and bingo.. may legit business na daw sila dito and they can import, export and trade.. waht ever they want..

empleyado: kayo jan sa IPD, SCO i monitor nyo yang maga accounts nyo, marami na tayong "dummy" companies, baka gusto nyong magtrabaho ng tama.. for a change he-he! di yung approve lang kayo ng approved and later mga sindikato na pala

Sioneng: Malaking sampal sa PNP yung nahuling Shabu Smuggler sa SBMA.. biruin mo matagal na palang big time na bagaskan ng shabu ang Olongapo at hindi pa nila alam.. at sa WBB pa pala nakatira ang Drug lord na ito.. ano masasabi mo Sr. Supt Villacorta?

Sioneng: Meron ka bang alam dito o nagtatangatangahn lang kayong mga pulis

Sioneng: ano na ang ginagawa niyo? nagpapalaki ng mga ba*#g? umaksyon naman kayo.. kahit butaw na tulak e tirahin na nyo para naman makita namin na nagtatrabaho kayo kahit paano alalahanin niyo.. ang pagiging pulis ay hindi trabaho.. ito ay debosyon sa inyong inang bayan.. may sinumpaan kayong tungkulin at ito ay dapat na isapuso

Sioneng: hindi porke pumasok kayo sa umaga at uuwi sa hapon ay tapos na trabaho niyo.. hindi dun nagtatapos ang tungkulin niyo... ipagmalaki niyo ang uniporme may dangal

Sioneng: at sa mga pulis na makakapal ang mukha.. tigilan na niyo ang paglasing sa mga bar at pagsabong.. diyan naguumpisa apgiging kurap niyo.. ag naubos na pagtustustos ng bisyo eh didiskarte ng alanganin..

Sioneng: alam nating mahirap ang buhay pero hindi ito dahilan para maging kurap

Sioneng: at sa mga natitirang matinong pulis.. saludo kami sa inyo.. alam namin kung sino kayo kaya ipagpatuloy niyo lang ang magandang halimbawa sa kapwa pulis

KANO: bigla ko lang naalala nuong bata ako gusto kong maging pulis dahil sila ay simbolo ng katapangan, pagiging marangal, respeto, at bayani..
KANO: pero lumipas ang panahon ang lahat ng iyon ay nagbago..
KANO: dati kung meron kang problema ang una mong lalapitan pulis..pero ngayon..parang natatakot kapang magsumbong kasi iba na ang larawan nila..

RamonAbello: if "Super Notes or fake dollars" and this "Drugs" came from "Reds" North Korea, inshort, they produce this politicaly! dont they? tanong ko lang po?

RamonAbello: alam nyo Gaponians, I smell something fishy..di kaya setup ang timbog to ruin the name of SBMA and all sorround localities

RamonAbello: parang "politically motivated" ksi pag sbi "SBMA" ksunod na name Gordon, Payumo, so on.. umm Ithinking again...

RamonAbello: somethings is not right or "tugma" zzzz muna ako.. at least "nahuli"
Siyokoy: 4,2 billion worth of shabu.. set up? mag isip ka pa ng konti, ramon abello
Siyokoy: saan ka kukuha ng 770 kilos of shabu para props mo sa pag set up? konting isip pa mon abello
Siyokoy: muntik na tuloy ako nalglag as upuan ko sa sinabi mong set up.

RamonAbello: Sabi ko na lalabas ka sa upuan mo hahaha. hi sec!
RamonAbello: parang someone and somethings is "cooking" how about GSIS vs Meralco? i dont know pero my mali eksena talaga.

RamonAbello: billion of sale? iiwan ng ganoon ni wlang humarang man. well okey na rin at least huli! pero parang kulang bagay maynila timbugan na rin. Congrats evry1! Sec. Syokoy i miss you ha nawala ka bigla nagalala tuloy ako.

gapo: nagtataka lng ako kay mr.arreza,hindi daw nya kilala si ang eh gayong investor yan s sbma...hindi kaya may kinalaman ang opisina nya?kung hindi pa nagkaroon ng PASG hindi nman talaga mahuhuli yan kc sobrang tanga ang mga sbma sekyu

gapo: nagsimula na an pagtatakip ng mga sbma sekyu ng bastusin ng pinuno ng sbma tanga sekyu ang mga media at ipagbawal ang pg kuha ng video ng media men...natatakot n sila baka may mahalungkat pa

gapo: mr.arreza kung sana pagtuungan mo ng pansin ang mga workers s sbma at bigyan ng halaga at hindi lng ang investor...hindi porke nabigyan ng trabaho ok na,dapat alagaan mo sila
gapo: ang mga trabahador n yan ang nag volunteer para bantayan ang sbma at hindi kayo n namumuno ngayon s sbma...halos lahat ng opisyal ng sbma hindi ko nakita mga names nila s volunteers park kc puro sila taga ibang lugar at walang malasakit s sbma at tao

gapo: sad 2 say ang nakikinabang dyan s sbma mga walang malasakit s sbma kundi malasakit lng nila s investor lalo't s koreano...saan ka nakakita n street sign naka-koreano?pumunta ka ng ibang bansa kung may makikita kang street sign n nsa tagalog

gapo: dapat sila ang mag-adjust at hindi tayong mga pilipino...matatalino nga ang mga opisyal ng sbma pero humahalik nman s puwet ng mga dayuhan...hindi tayo aasenso kung hindi tayo tatayo s sarili natin at lagi na lng tayo alipin s sarili natin bayan

gapo: dahil may mga opisyal tayo n walang malasakit s bayan..kawawa trabahador ....hanggang ngayon casual pa din s pinapasukan mula ng maupo sila

gapo: ang alam lng ang sarili at kumita lng ok n ok kahit humalik s puwet ng dayuhan...mga bakla!!!
vigilant: hats off to col tolentino and sheriff madarang they are both right in treating those media people come to think of it a media man with no I.D. responsible journalism?

vigilant: those media people think they can throw their weight around its because of their irresponsible reporting why our country is in shambles

vigilant: some media people doesnt know the meaning of PROTOCOL!





volunteer: kawawa naman ang mga VOLUNTEER nurse ng jlgmh! ung iba one year na ang tinagal wala pa ding narereceive na compensation!

volunteer: CHANGES not CHANGE ang kailangan ng OLONGAPO! marami pa dapat baguhin d2 sa ating lungsod!

volunteer: MAYOR: bakit parang tumataas ang crime rate natin? ang didilim ng mga kalsada? hindi na safe lumabas ng gabi dahil madaming ADIK ang nagkalat at bulgar na ang pagbili ng bato d2 sa amin! pati JUETENG buhay pa din!

gapo: vigilant...maybe ur 1 of sure hindi ka taga olongapo at s tono palang makapili na.
Siyokoy: Paano maalis ang huweteng at mga tulak sa Gapo eh kumukita ang mga pulis dito...
Siyokoy: Paano? susmaryosep.. eh "patatabain" yung mga tulak bago timbugin tapos kukuhanin lahat ang kinita.. tapos pakakawalan uli.. cycle uli yan.. sa hweteng naman sus nung araw pa yan palabigasan ng mga opisyal ng bayan

Siyokoy: Sr Supt Villacorta.. hoy kilos naman kayo diyan.. its about time mag pa drug test na hanay niyo

Siyokoy: boss Mayor.. mukhang malala na sakit ng adiksyon sa ating lungsod.. baka naman pwedeng personal na niyong hawakan ang prblemang itoo. mukhang inutil na mga pulis niyo eh.. mas lalo kayong guguwapo kung parating me photo ops kasama mga nahuling tulak

Siyokoy: at sana kung mahuhuil eh yung tunay na huli.. hindi malasado na after the photo ops eh balik tulak uli yung mga nahuli


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