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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mikey: Your chances of success are directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you derive from what you do
You cannot raise a man up by calling him down
good sam: you are all nonsense
bert: Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others

Jason: He that can have patience can have what he will

405056: Passion is always an expression of the soul

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Senator & I

I have a story to goes like this...

I attended the reception dinner for Singapore President R.S. Nathan at the Shangrila Hotel Makati. I wanted to have a picture with the president so I could show it off to my friends but I did not have an access to him so I just decided to enjoy myself with the food. Just before I could take half the food in my plate, my singaporean husband asked me to come with him to meet Sen. Richard "Dick" Gordon, with whom he had a chat already.
I introduced myself to him as one of his friendstermates & one of the first batch of scholars in Olongapo City Science High School. The project was his brain child as mayor of Olongapo City (way back in 1984), and it initially aimed to produce students who could pass the UP Entrance Examination since our curriculum was patterned after the highly esteemed Philippine Science High School. (True enough, many of us passed the exam including me, but did not enter UP)

I could still remember how he would encourage us to strive hard to be the best in our every endeavour, even to be the best "basurero" or professional. I & my classmates used to call him "daddy" of course, behind his back. He was the one who would personally look for sponsors of every single student in the Science High. We would use the money refunded to us in the middle of the school year for educational trips in different cities & provinces in Luzon.
He was delighted to meet me & we had a chat about Olongapo City, the Science High, about the computerized election, and about how being an Olongapeno helped me cope easily with the demanding & disciplined culture of the Singaporeans. (Thanks to our Mayor Dick Gordon who instilled discipline, duty, dignity & determination to us!) I had some photo sessions with the good hearted senator before I took my dinner quietly. After refreshing myself in the rest room, I was about to enter the dinner hall with my friend Jonna Tay when one man stopped us from walking & asked us to go to the side to give way to the presidential entourage coming out of the dinner hall.

I squeezed & stucked myself to the wall waiting for the President and the Senator to pass by. But to my surprise, Sen. Gordon called me from afar! "Jane!Jane! Come here!", I couldnt believe what I was hearing, nevertheless I walked towards the Senator who introduced me to the President as the one he was telling him about. I was dumbfounded, I could only say "Hi Sir!" as the President shooked hands with me and cameras started to flash. After answering the President's question about what I teach in the university, I quietly walked away only to hear the best words that would change my outlook forever - "I'm proud of you!", coming from the Senator himself.
Nobody has ever told me that! Not even my parents nor my husband! (although I know they might have said it to me quietly at one point in time) All I know is that I'm a simple university instructor who earns the lowest salary given to a professional and I could be the only person there who do not give away calling cards. Those words sent me back to the dinner hall flying in elation. At last! somebody is proud of me...

Jeyn Magno-Tan

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

FairyGodMother: wag kayong mag-away-away....
DickHead: Bakit cnu ka ba?
FairyGodMother: wag ganyan... ang olongapo ay para sa bayan... para sa ating lahat to.. alagaan natin
DickHead: FairyGodMother sa SENADO!
FairyGodMother: ayokong tumakbo sa senado,masyadong madumi doon,dito na lang ako,magmamasid sa inyo.
DickHead: taga saan po ba kau?
FairyGodMother: dito sa likod mo...

“Letters”, Philippine Daily Inquirer

06 March 2007

Once again, Olongapo City Vice Mayor Rolen Paulino, the renegade protégé, is on the loose and spewing fire and brimstone due to burning ambition.

This is evident in his allegation that Mayor James "Bong" Gordon, Jr. shoved him away from Genuine Opposition senatorial bet Francis "Chiz" Escudero during a press conference in a local restaurant (PDI, 3/05/07).

Well there's nothing new in his exaggerated version of a minor incident where he claims "it seemed his lungs would collapse by the sheer force" of the alleged panghahawi. Since entering politics, Paulino has mastered the art of exploiting a particular issue or personality to turn the odds in his favor. Poor Chiz, his presence in Olongapo was taken advantaged of in a desperate attempt by the vice mayor to elicit sympathy and earn pogi points.

Escudero came to Olongapo first and foremost to campaign for his candidacy. To meddle in local politics certainly never crossed his mind because he would have nothing to gain from it. As a visitor to the city and the Escuderos, being long-time family friends of the Gordons, it was but natural for Mayor Bong to welcome Escudero and help him in making a pitch to the local voting population. Thus, Gordon tagged Chiz along to his regular morning jogging sortie around the city for Escudero to personally meet local residents. After which Chiz invited the mayor to join him in his press conference scheduled later that day. This explains the presence of Mayor Gordon at Escudero's press conference which, as it turned out, was peopled by the local opposition.

In fairness, Mayor Gordon doesn't need a "piece of Chiz". He doesn't need to ride on the popularity of other politicians to boost his reelection bid in the forthcoming May elections. It's the other way around. Escudero needs Gordon's support to win votes in Olongapo. The mayor did his share because he strongly feels that Chiz deserves to be in the Senate.

Being seen or photographed in the company of national politicians doesn't mean local residents will easily forget one's dismal performance in office and deliver the votes.

Still, the bottom line is performance, not appearances.

Truly yours,


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do

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