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Saturday, January 31, 2009


 3:31 pm Jan 31
milagros mirador to s'ed piano thank you for you're kindness and very accomodating to all applicants intrviewed last friday, i'm one of them.

2:35 pm Jan 31
milagros mirador To S' Ed Piano a reallyappreciate your kindness and very accomodating to all applicants intrviewed last friday i'm one of them.

2:30 pm Jan 31
milagros mirador gud. pm. jus to say thanks to S' Ed Piano, M'Kim N M' Bea forbeing patience in teaching us. To S' Ed Piano thank you very much for this opportunity.

2:28 pm Jan 31
Guest Sad to see now so many workers being layed off in SBMA. I hope the world market gets back on track soon

11:16 am Jan 31
Guest "No ID , No Entry"

10:31 pm Jan 30
jenifer.tampis Try your best untill you succeed

2:02 pm Jan 30
Andrea Quinto "In everything you do put God first and He will crown your efforts with success"

12:06 pm Jan 30
Ginalyn M. Evangelista "Always keep your feet on the ground."

11:31 am Jan 30
Jimalyn C. Marmeto It is our duty to be better today, than we were yesterday and better tomorrow than we are today.

11:31 am Jan 30
Tracy Caguiat Man is the architech of his own fortune

11:31 am Jan 30
jeneto.cruz "Changes may come, Friends may part, but their's no change in a sacred heart"

11:30 am Jan 30
Christopher.Tesio If there is Life, There is Hope.

11:29 am Jan 30
Fermina.Gratela No Guts ,No Glory

Maria Theresa C. De Guzman Poverty is not a hindrance to success

10:44 am Jan 30
donnabelle.cuenca good things come to those who waits

10:44 am Jan 30
Myla Liboon Life is wat u make it!

10:43 am Jan 30
gless.palattao if others can, why can't i?

10:21 am Jan 30
archie.gonzales877 experince comes from your curiosity

10:20 am Jan 30
milagros mirador Succes comes in cans not incants

9:36 am Jan 30
chelda.medenilla try and try untill you succed

9:03 am Jan 30
1772467 EuroPhil orientation will start 9am today

4:01 am Jan 30
grace balita ngttnggal nnmn dw eh

2:49 pm Jan 29
grace anu na po balita sa wistron ngaun

Barretto Road

I was wondering......
Why was the concrete Nationl Highway covered with asphalt in Bo. Barretto. There are several side streets in dire need of resurfacing as was not the case of the National Highway. If DWPH provided the funds, why are they allowed to waste taxpayer funds for projects not really needed. If the City provided the funds........Hmmm.
Sam Houston

Thursday, January 29, 2009


10:58 am Jan 29
1771913 Deadline of Payment for Business Tax and Mayor's Permit extended to Feb 13

 10:57 am Jan 29
TheClown mga magsasaka alam na ninyo kung saan napupunta ang pondo nilustay ni bolante nagdamay pa ng matitino
5:11 am Jan 29
TheClown im pro but if our blood continue flowing, we need to know why? how? we need full explaination
5:08 am Jan 29
TheClown harharhar nagkamali ng lapit ang ambasador ng hanjin, bypass niya si Sen.Gordon. natuloy ang imbestigasyon! sipsip ksu mali p
5:05 am Jan 29
Arniel Knowing what to say is one thing, but its knowing when to say it that really makes the difference.
4:10 am Jan 29
9:03 pm Jan 28
TheClown kung hindi daw mapigilan ang kuraptsyon at least daw "mahalukay" pra sa mga farmers natin, galing talaga!
6:52 am Jan 27
TheClown galit si igan sa akin, sabi niya matino daw si senador at may gusto siyang palabasin para sa mga "magsasaka" ng bansa.
6:49 am Jan 27
Guest kasama kita sa picture meaning lubusan na kitang kilala as friends ? sa SC judge na lng tayo mgkita for "violating my freedon of speech" kenkoy tau!
5:30 am Jan 27
Guest ikulong ninyo ang magnanakaw hindi ang matitino! di nya nga alam na "nakaw" na pala yan ay sus observe po natin ang "Rights" ng taong matitino
5:26 am Jan 27
Guest ayaw ko nga maging witness! i want to "keep silent" ipakukulong nyo pa ako BAKIT? Rights ko iyon db? di naman kayo JUDGE!
4:19 am Jan 27
TheClown kung matino ka at may tindahan ng serbisyo bumili sau ang magnanakaw ng di mo alam at itinuro ka ng mga kasama nito magkano kaya ang "bayad ulit"
4:11 am Jan 27
TheClown eto maganda "sino ang may sala" yung nagnakaw mismo (bolante) or ang may matinong tindahan ng serbisyo (Paule) let see who will win?
4:08 am Jan 27
TheClown natural lng ang investigations sa hanjin titignan lng kung may "negligence sa safety" or may "criminal intention" ang gumawa
4:05 am Jan 27
TheClown PMA sa PDEA at ROTC sa DDB nice "brotherhood" againts drugs "Sopas kayo ngayon"

Monday, January 26, 2009


Guest It's so hard to protect those we care if the one who has the power don't even care.. gising!!! wag kayong papaapekto sa kanila..

8:24 pm Jan 26
miguel do not let this accident happen again, make strong action immediately, conduct safety training for your people hanjin.....

7:03 pm Jan 26
safety sa lahat ng kapwa ko pilipino, ingatan nyo naman sana ang inyong seguridan sa oras ng trabaho.. salamat, christian K.S.A Aramco

6:53 pm Jan 26
safety invistigate what is the cause of accident,

6:52 pm Jan 26
safety Trained your people regarding safety matter.

6:49 pm Jan 26
safety tool box meeting for the personnel and crew.

6:48 pm Jan 26
safety reduce the accident.

6:47 pm Jan 26

2:15 pm Jan 26
TheClown kung dati local worker lng now its national na, alagaan natin ang kabuhayang iyan.

2:09 pm Jan 26
gemma.aguirre good afternoon to all th staff of Ocstc. and to our beloved kagawad ed piano

1:18 pm Jan 26
Guest ngayong koreano ang namatay may kinulong sila??? how bout pag pilipino ang namatay??? wala silang papanagutin...

1:11 pm Jan 26
milagrosmirador To our beloved councilor Mr Ed Piano gud pm . I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for providing a program like this.

11:56 am Jan 26
milagrosmirador Its been a big opportunity for me for being part of the computer training. I would to thanks Councilior Sir Ed Piano for having a training like this.

11:52 am Jan 26
christopher It is my great privilege and honored to be a part of computer skills training program. tnx...

9:34 am Jan 26
1769193 Hindi po kaya ganti na ng pinoy yon sa abusadong amo??? baka lang...

10:51 pm Jan 25

SAFETY FIRST I doubt it, they consider their workers as soldiers in a battle, if somebody dies, its just part of the war!!!

10:32 pm Jan 25
SAFETY FIRST papayag na kaya hanjin maimbestigahan ngayong koreano na namatay???

10:31 pm Jan 25
SAFETY FIRST Koreano naman ang namatay sa Hanjin, pero pinoy ang operator ng equipment na nakapatay (dasal kasi natin matigil na sana ang fatal accident sa pnoy

10:28 pm Jan 25
bea Hi to all students, Batch 1-5!!!!

5:18 pm Jan 25
bea Being a part of computer training has helped me a lot in this challenging world of computer. It is indeed a great experience to work here, specially w

5:14 pm Jan 25
TheClown Sana kasama rin ang mga "Kapatid" at "Kasama" sa pagsugpo sa drugs para masaya ang paghuli sa kanila

8:49 pm Jan 24
TheClown wla na masyado supply ng pusher "tawas at oregano"na lng! CHEMIST where are you..were almost at your door na..

6:17 pm Jan 24
TheClown Former Lawyers, PMA at ROTC againts drugs? yari mas dumami! IGAN, okey yng cruzade mo harharhar

6:12 pm Jan 24
Guest until next time and more power on training centeron their good deeds to those people who are in need.

3:45 pm Jan 24
Guest I just wish that they will be focusing on the safety of those people not just the safety of they’re own future.

3:43 pm Jan 24
Guest until next time and I am looking forward to those people to open their eyes and don't just turn their backs on what is going on.

3:42 pm Jan 24
SAFETY FIRST I sure hope so and request everyone to join us in prayer... until next time my friend

3:39 pm Jan 24
Guest let's just all pray for the safety of our loved one's who are working there and I hope that those tragedy will stop...

3:37 pm Jan 24
SAFETY FIRST I hope our people understand that this anomaly goes up to the highest office

3:35 pm Jan 24
SAFETY FIRST greedy people doesn't realize how deep in **** they are until they are thrown out of office... moderate the greed!!!

3:35 pm Jan 24

Guest yes. the're sacrificing a lot of people to satisfy whatever they want.

3:28 pm Jan 24
SAFETY FIRST The poor workers and their contractors are both victims of somebody's GREED

3:23 pm Jan 24
SAFETY FIRST Yes now we're talk'n. In fact its the officials of both HANJIN and SBMA who are the culprits in the wolrkers' tragedy

3:19 pm Jan 24
Guest we don't have to worry about those well trained workers but not all them are safe until those officials will be trained to value their workers.

3:18 pm Jan 24
Guest let me clear my point, i'm not talking about those worker, i'm refering to those officials who disregard the safety of their workers..

2:57 pm Jan 24
SAFETY FIRST I will have to disagree with Guest SmartBro user... Filipino shipbuilders are world-class

2:22 am Jan 24
leakim gordon college took the 2nd place in volleyball event sa nakaraang alculympics... congrats guys...

10:29 pm Jan 23
Guest How will you educate the people in hanjin if all of them are so dumb to understand safety...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I will have to disagree with Guest SmartBro user... Filipino shipbuilders are world-class

The problem w/ Hanjin is that they are not providing appropriate safety training to workers hired from provices.. They focus too much on production ... neglecting safety in the process

If you will check the 18 fatal accidents in Hanjin-Subic, you will learn that none of those were caused by a worker trained by the Olongapo Skills Training Center...

You can safely deduce therefore that the Safety Training, including motivation and work ethics were properly inculcated at this training center w/c by the way is a TESDA KABALIKAT Awardee

The combined shipyard Knowledge, Skill, Ability and Experience of trainors at Olongapo Training Center is more than 100 years!!! and this represented a zero wasted time injury.

While Hanjin have good safety mannuals... their trainors.... being new to the job.... does not have required experience and moral ascendancy to impart an effective Safety Training

To conclude, I suggest that Hanjin ensures that their workers undergo a safety training from the Olongapo Skills Training Center... This will not cost them a centavo since its the Leadership of Mayor Bong Gordon and Senator Dick Gordon thru PNRC who provided for the funding.... to ensure that every worker is safe and will be able to return home from work without worry from their family..

Jan 24, 2009
SAFETY FIRST I will have to disagree with Guest SmartBro user... Filipino shipbuilders are world-class

2:22 am Jan 24
leakim gordon college took the 2nd place in volleyball event sa nakaraang alculympics... congrats guys...

10:29 pm Jan 23
Guest How will you educate the people in hanjin if all of them are so dumb to understand safety...

10:27 pm Jan 23
SAFETY FIRST our workers are being killed by mamang incompetent (lack of training) and mr. park greedy (combination of which is deadly)

7:50 pm Jan 23
TheClown intentional to sabotage the operation inside SBMA get them. "full background investigations"

7:13 pm Jan 23
TheClown iisang patern lang. get this "killer out of hanjin" show it to the press and put in jail its not an accident anymore its intentional

7:10 pm Jan 23
TheClown Please get a "background investigations", parang iisang "grupo" ang gumagawa nito at GET THEM ASAP!

7:07 pm Jan 23
chelganda hi regarding the accident in hanjin?sino yung naaccidente, can you name it?thnx..

1:56 pm Jan 23
romy fatal accident in HANJIN!!! 2 dead others seriously injured

9:35 pm Jan 22
500 kawawa lang mga workers ng hanjin kasi ndi sila tntrato ng maayos


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Name Message Control Refresh leakim be proud po tayo for the players ng gordon college sa ginaganap na alcu... they are competing for the 3rd,2nd,1st o champion...
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9:14 pm Jan 22, 2009 #
Admin Iris corrected na date as requested
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6:21 pm Jan 22, 2009 #
the Name kesa yung mga politiko na inaabuso yung kahirapan ng iba at kinukuha ang buto sa pamamagitan ng isang supot na bigas
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2:05 pm Jan 22, 2009 #
the Name sana makapag-isip ang mga butante na mas importante yung nakakapagbigay ng kabuhayan
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2:04 pm Jan 22, 2009 #
the Name yung iba mas malapad pa sa daan na pinagawa nila yung billboard nila
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2:03 pm Jan 22, 2009 #
the Name hi hello im new here. gusto ko lang gawin topic yung paglalagay ng mga politiko ng mga biilboard sa bawat project nila.
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2:02 pm Jan 22, 2009 #
Guest TO THE ADMIN: I hope you could edit out the date abt the typo on Wistron article...tnx
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1:17 pm Jan 22, 2009 #
Guest TO THE ADMIN: Kindly check the date on Ms Iris blog that you posted here rgdg Wistron, it should be Jan 20, 2009 not Jan 20, 2008..tnx
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1:16 pm Jan 22, 2009 #
1767503 btw, i am presently talking with an investor who will put up a call center, they need 150 agents for starters... hiring will start next month
12:10 pm Jan 22, 2009 #
1767503 if you have not done yet.. you can look for job opportunities at good luck
12:07 pm Jan 22, 2009 #
1767503 Ken, yes that is usually the case, marami nang workers from all over the country working here in subic, lalo na sa hanjin
12:06 pm Jan 22, 2009 #
kenshin25 Mga tgang ibang province cla.. like smar, bacolod,cebu,pangasin,mostly bulacan, ewan ko b!! bat d2 cl nag sisiksikan s gapo, todo splaran tlga d2..
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11:29 am Jan 22, 2009 #
kenshin25 mag 4 months n me,, pero i think dun s department ko CSD dmi parin employee i wish sna d cla ma layoof kwwa yung ibang ksma ko dun... nsa malalyon cla
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11:25 am Jan 22, 2009 #
kenshin25 kasama me s ntangal dun hm.. proby nsa me kaso biglaan din me last jan 12, lang din kmi n out n una lang kami ng 1 wek s knila e2 me alang work,..
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11:23 am Jan 22, 2009 #
1767342 Thank you TheClown, best regard po sa inyo dyan sa kabilang ibayo... salamat po sa concern nyo sa lungsod natin
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Name Message Control Refresh TheClown Kagawad Ed Piano at Mayor Gordon, Thank you sa dito sa site mo. mas maganda ngayon..
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9:08 am Jan 22, 2009 #
TheClown sabi nga ni "IGAN" pag tinanong kayo "dont look at the cealing" sa answer.. matalino sila gumawa, kailangan matalino kau mag explain.
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9:03 am Jan 22, 2009 #
TheClown learn "ingredients of drugs" and function nito bawat isa. so you can explain infront of the judge sa korte okey ba? harharhar
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8:58 am Jan 22, 2009 #
TheClown to all police officer please learn "5W1H" of investigations para wla atrasan sa korte di pag pinatawg kau nakakasagot kau
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8:56 am Jan 22, 2009 #
TheClown pag umatras sila (nagpapasweldo) pls. asked yung pasimuno ng "gulo pang-ekonomiya" nito sa Gapo! tsk tsk
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8:51 am Jan 22, 2009 #
TheClown worker + family + business + producers = negative % sa atin!!!
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8:47 am Jan 22, 2009 #
TheClown alam nyo ba ang "domino effect" pag wlang trabaho ang isang worker
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8:44 am Jan 22, 2009 #
alumni 78 magkano ba binayad sa iyo mam sa pinutol na narra tree 50,000 ba bawat isa
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8:27 am Jan 22, 2009 #
alumni 78 principal ka ba e matalino pa sa iyo mga estudyante mo
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8:26 am Jan 22, 2009 #
alumni 78 dapat win-win solution mga stall o vendors sa ilalim ng puno sa olongapo city national high school e di sana masaya lahat at wala ng problema mga bobo
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8:24 am Jan 22, 2009 #
1767381 we would like to welcome PDEA Special Agent Willian Dulay recently assigned to supervise anti-drug campaign in Olongapo City
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8:04 am Jan 22, 2009 #
1767381 Bomb Threat sa City Hall... all entrance/exit secured... PNP bomb sniffing K9 unit on-going operation
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8:02 am Jan 22, 2009 #
TheClown threatened to be KIDNAP??? a sir, nasa "camera po tau"! kaso po yan
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6:27 am Jan 22, 2009 #
James Rogers Looking for Hermania Carpio She used to live at 125 Irving in Olongapo. Email me at I was stationed at Subic Bay 1990-1991

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Pepe grabe mga sunog ngayon, sa MM pala anim na sunog in one day

7:10 pm Jan 21
yes pati regular employees ay natanggal sa winstron, pero nakatanggap cila ng compensation at benefits

5:36 pm Jan 21
grace10 pati ba regular tanggal din sa wistron

1:40 pm Jan 21

1:23 pm Jan 21
grace10 kawawa nmn cla wla na clang wrk,pati ba regular mddmay na matnggal,,

1:21 pm Jan 21
grace10 gnun,,kht po ba regular nagtanggal cla,,

1:18 pm Jan 21
1767007 effect yan ng recession sa US at europe, marami nag cancell ng orders kaya d kailangan marami workers

1:14 pm Jan 21
grace10 bkt po ngtanggalan sa wstron,,anu nngyri,,

1:10 pm Jan 21
Guest race

1:06 pm Jan 21
500 take it easy shad, adjust ka na lang ng tym para di ma late

12:50 pm Jan 21
shadwgentle kainis Talaga Karamihan Ng mga trafic enforcement Pampasikip Lang sila ng Trafic Mas Lalo Kaming Nalalate

12:48 pm Jan 21
500 pasencya na pu sa traffic, may sunog pu kasi kaya nagdivert cla

12:48 pm Jan 21
500 this is another case of abuse of power, a human right violation... attn councilor jc delos reyes

12:46 pm Jan 21
shadwgentle Kainis Talaga Karamihan Sa mga Trafic

12:46 pm Jan 21
500 HANJIN WELDER, bugbog sarado sa SWAT na assigned sa gate ng hanjin, mga empeyado.. na shock sa bangis ng SWAT officer

12:41 pm Jan 21
Upgrade your shoutbox 8:56 pm Jan 21, 2009
Name Message Control Refresh 500 HANJIN magbabaklasan din dahil sa cancellation ng limang order na barko!!

12:36 pm Jan 21
500 limangdaan empleyado, binaklas sa Winstron(dating Acer)

12:35 pm Jan 21
911 ok na pu, under control na

12:23 pm Jan 21
chelganda ano n po bilta sa sunog sa SJS elem?

11:37 am Jan 21
911 ung sunog sa norton kahapon, isa ang fatality . . . sa ngayon nag evacuate na mga student sa SJS, ang nasusunog ay residential house across the street

10:36 am Jan 21
911 may sunog sa st joseph elementary school along canda st

9:50 am Jan 21

12:30 am Jan 21
TheClown ang buhay na "sasagipin ng tree" ay isang sakripisyo nila dont worry makikita mo ang taong nakangiti, in the future dhil dinugtungan ng tree ang life

11:27 pm Jan 20
TheClown kung pinutol man ang "Tree" pinalitan ng kabuhayan, matuwa ka kasi nagsilbing lugar iyon ng buhay ng tao na susunod na henerasyon ang susuportahan

11:21 pm Jan 20
TheClown pag ang isang tao tinanong mo at gusto niyang "tumahimik" "karapatan" niya iyon, pag pinilit mo magsalita "mentaly TORTURE" na yun

11:17 pm Jan 20
alumni 78 kami pa ang nagtanim ng mga puno doon tapos pinutol lang ng walang pakundangan baka naman nagkabayaran at may kumita sa katarantaduhan na ito

10:20 pm Jan 20
freeport no environmental concern at all those people are so irresposible

10:14 pm Jan 20
1766706 Night Bazaar-Bonggapo Nite Market last day today

9:24 pm Jan 20
911 may sunog sa white rock kaninag tanghali

3:15 pm Jan 20
alvinjhon.puda gud morning

Sunday, January 18, 2009

TheClown: lets all business owner think the best for all people outside of SBMA. "THINK GAPONIANS". let legal businesses grow! monkey business out!
TheClown: bakit ang olongapo ang kaya ninyong sabihan na huwag magtayo ng big building? Makati, Tagaytay atb pwede? at very large ang resources ninyo na sirain ang image ? Meron ba kayong interest maliban builder?
TheClown: poli"tics" dont play to well sa gapo! see mayor and senator just smiling and play music for good ng gapo. dont say they dont do anything or else we will sing a song for you
TheClown: big investor and builder are in gapo ksi meron disiplinado ang nakatira
TheClown: paaano ninyo babaguhin ang image ng gapo? kung laht ng trees ay magiging sagabal sa progress.
TheClown: wala lng kasi ang ibang lugar merong mga hotel na magaganda tau pinaguusapan pa rin
TheClown: tarsan di lng ikaw ang marunong gumawa ng "big projects" alis k na sa sbma di lng ikaw ang may utak how to make "olongapo progressive". sabi nga ni igan gapo "will be transparent" no kick back ka na
TheClown: maraming buhay ang kinuha at sinakripisyo para lng kumain ang ibang tao. kung gusto mong "porsiento" doon ka sa "tree" at magbaging ka na!
TheClown: nagtayo ng microhotel sa buong pilipinas wala kayong reklamo, pagdating sa sbma umaatungal kayo harharhar "BIAS"
TheClown: at talagang personal ang galit ng ibang politico sa SBMA, isipin nyo sinabi na ang lahat ng name ng mga trees at kulisap sa Inquirer.. eh ang maigsi pangalan lng noon ay "Sagingan" hehehe Tarsan nasaan ka na di ka nabangit ..wla ka ng sagi
TheClown: get another project manager diyan sa SBMA, di lng sila ang interesadong magtayo at pagandahin ang siyudad natin
TheClown: at pakisabi na walang personalan! kung gusto nila magalaga ng kulisap at mga sirang puno "very well for us" ililipat namin sa bahay nyo hehehe tignan natin kung hindi kayo sumakit ang ulo!
theClown: if you always complained and the project cant continue because of "You' pwede ba malaki ang Pilipinas mamili ka sa 7100 islands doon ka magsisigaw
TheClown: alam mo ang isang lugar na gustong umunlad huwag naman ninyo itong pigilan..SBMA is a surviving province at dito nakasalalay ang 15k plus family na alis kayo diyan gusto naming magtrabaho ng legal
TheClown: ayan buhay na naman ang "RED TAPE" sa SBMA at suportado pa ninyo. Sino ba ang mawawalan ng trabaho yung "dayo or locals?"
TheClown: Yan ang hirap naniniwala kayo sa "sulsol ng magugulo" let see pag wala ng work sa SBMA sino ang kakain ng buhangin! magisip isip kayong mga locals!!!
TheClown: lumuhod kayo at tumawag sa anito sa harapan ng puno na bigyan kayo ng pagkain "tignan ko kung di dahong tuyo ang malaglag sa mukha ninyo
TheClown: ayan medyo umaatras na ang gusto na magtayo ng negosyo sa atin dahil sa pakikialam ng mga outsiders kawawang local workers ginagamit ng magugulo
TheClown: kayang kaya ninyong patigilin ang works for political reasons tsk tsk..
02:46am 17/01/09
Mam Kim
To all the trainees, thanks for theencouraging words. We sometimes fail theexpectations of others but having all of youas trainees are a very uplifting experiencefor me and for all of us. Thank you SirEdwin Piano for the chance you gave me andall the trainees to learn a lot of newthings. I am hoping that this trainingcenter will surpass all the challengesbecause this center helped a lot of peoplewithout questions asked. Trainees please bereminded of all the responsibilities thatwas bound to all of you as a trainee of thiscenter. More power.
04:54pm 16/01/09
Batch 5 AM
thanks for the great knowledge you sharedwith us through teaching computer educationbasic program. We promise, that we willcherish and use this knowledge effectively
04:51pm 16/01/09
arwin aller
it is very a big help to us learning thiskind of knowledge. hope that this will stillbe continuing til the coming days ahead. Godspeed councilor Edwin Piano!
04:49pm 16/01/09
bevs alegado
thanks for the knowledge we learned from you,ms. kim and ms. bea
04:30pm 05/01/09
Hi students!!!!!!!!! Pls. Visit our websitesometimes ok?????? for you to know thelatest news and updates on our belovedolongapo city. take care guys
08:25pm 23/12/08
To all students: May the blessings of theLord be with you. We are very proud thatsomehow our training program has providedyou with enough knowledge and confidence inlearning the cyber skills. We need this inour ever changing world. We have to go withthe flow, and we are very fortunate indeedthat we are given this chance to gain moreknowledge and experience. Again thanks tothe people who has a great mind putting thisup. Thank you to all Sirs!!!!!
08:17pm 23/12/08
Hello Everyone!!!!! Have a Happy Holidays!!!
02:18am 13/12/08
Lea Kim
I hope that everyone learned a lot and I thatwhat you learned will be the basic tool foryour future learning. Thank you all.. Ihope that this will not be the end, I hopethat this will be the beginning of a newlearning process for all of you.
04:27pm 12/12/08
Gonna miss you guys! Don't forget weneed to see each other again this comingDec.30 mwaah!
06:17pm 11/12/08
noeme regalario
rose naquil, muzta nu?? wazzup!! feelingsleepy all d time?? misya my fren!!! takecare!
05:09pm 11/12/08
Hello Everyone!!!!! We're veryoverwhelmed by your messages, and thatsomehow we're glad we'vecontributed something....knowledge....thanksto Mr. PIANO, for putting this up....and tothe Staff....
01:25pm 11/12/08
Lea Kim
Thank you for very inspirational anduplifting messages.
12:35am 11/12/08
Michael John
to the ostc staff thanks for the informationas I know that who will completed all thetask were given a certificate of the gordon cyber college but I having a last question is the certificate that are given is a national certificate from tesda Im sorry IfIm so naughty in asking because it is myfirst time that I joining the cybercollege aside from that Im only a highschool level so that I dont know how canfollow all the needed from the school butdont worry I am doing well...thanks again.
11:11pm 10/12/08
Most especially, I want to thank our belovedMayor "Bong" Gordon and kgwd.Edpiano 4 making this training possible 4us. More Power and may God bless you more!
11:03pm 10/12/08
I want 2 xpress my hearthfelt gratitude toall the people who help us learn aboutcyberskills. To ms. kim & ms. bea, thanku 4 sharing ur knowledge to us,.& thank uguys 4 being so patient w/ us.
09:01pm 10/12/08
hi sir piano,mam kim & tita bea?2mrow itsour cutting ribbon.we hpe so tht it willsuccess r launch.
08:55pm 10/12/08
hello 2 ol new training? glad tht impart of d ojt,i really enjoy it.itsfun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08:55pm 10/12/08
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pastora mel,andyan ka b?
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I'm so gratefull that there is ostc morepower
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yahoo. im done with the task... miss theclass sessions.. take care guys!
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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Thought you might enjoy this interesting prayer given in Kansas at the opening session of their Senate. It seems Prayer still upsets some People. When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this is what
they heard:

Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask Your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says, 'Woe to those Who call evil good,' but that is exactly what we have done.

We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values.

We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.

We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.

We have killed our unborn and called it choice.

We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.

We have neglected to discipline our Children and called it building self esteem..

We have abused power and called it politics.

We have coveted our neighbor's possessions and called it ambition.

We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.

We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.

Search us, Oh, God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free.


Friday, January 16, 2009


I agree so much with our Mayor and even to their disagreement to the proposed Coal-powered-plant by the Aboitiz company. The Olongapeño's message to protect the environement and the community's health is very clear.

However, contrary what is being said to the public, in New Cabalan Sanitary Landfill there is this big "siga" apparent to those commuters (possibly are visitors from other regions such as Manila) who pass by New Cabalan hi-way on their way to Olongapo proper.

The smoke coming from the burning mountain of garbage often envelopes Purok 1 Libas, New Cabalan where the vehicles from Olongapo proper-Manila pass by. I am one of the resident of New Cabalan have felt certain dismay knowing that more than 10 years that the people of Olongapo are paying garbage fees and nothing seem done well with the waste management. Though recently, I have received newletters from this group regarding a certain garbage bin that will be imported expressing that this is one of the steps that are to be taken in relation to the waste management in the city. Frankly, I have high hopes on that.

It is just that the recent scenario now at New Cabalan has been giving me this doubts again. I am a person who would not want to blame the government for I have accepted the loopholes in the government system with my experience working in the government for almost five years now - almost 3 years in Gordon College, more than a year in SBMA.

There's so much that I hope to express. Please don't take this as a critism. These are mere observations. I am for progress and development and everyone is, right?

By daisyduck,

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