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Saturday, March 21, 2009

CONCLUSION things and people are not what they are seem to be... dig deeper... allow more time... be patient

9:35 am Mar 21
PALAFOX from hero into a crazy greedy self serving user

9:27 am Mar 21
Observer Mitos should be jailed for not telling the truth, if she knew all along that Nicole was not raped, then shes part of the grand conspiracy

7:11 am Mar 21
TheClown mga "Corrupt na Accountant" tangalan ng lisensiya at kasuhan na huwag ng humawak ng gob posiiton or even private firm!

5:36 am Mar 21
TheClown rally = bukol at hospital, pero work at investment = money and food for our children! choose or pumili na

5:33 am Mar 21
Guest the relationship with the US neds to be improved before the US decides to walk away from the PI.

3:36 am Mar 21
Guest I say clear Smith and let him go home. Fix the VFA and get on with life.

3:35 am Mar 21
Guest Protest at the US Embassy. What is the rate of pay now for Filipinos to to this job? 100 php???

3:34 am Mar 21
SangguniangPanlungsod well balanced city council in 2010. less reso/ord passed but with better quality, more debate, ombustman will be busy

10:44 pm Mar 20
INS the power of US visa can even silence many critics

10:38 pm Mar 20
WORLDBANK DOING BUSINESS WITH THE PHILS: Bribe is discussed first and foremost, detail of projects are only tackeled after the politicians share is clear

8:06 pm Mar 20
Jhajha Olongapo City 3rd Place Over all in 2009 CLARA

6:09 pm Mar 20
crisanto.parpa no retreat no surrender

5:25 pm Mar 20
Jhajha Sunog sa Landfill New Cabalan, Dont worry po " Basura" lang po ang nasunog

5:22 pm Mar 20


5:19 pm Mar 20
UNLI' Attention:

5:18 pm Mar 20
angelie t. salinel love god above all

3:18 pm Mar 20
anthony.casadores a quitter never wins and a winner never quit!

2:22 pm Mar 20
STANDING 2nd Elem level.. 1st sa high school level

1:44 pm Mar 20
UNLI GOLD-25, SILVER-35, BRONZE -29 as of March 19, 2009 11:30am

1:18 pm Mar 20
esteban.bagang nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be undestood

1:18 pm Mar 20

1:16 pm Mar 20
HUH balita ko i-tratransfer ng US bases nila from Okinawa Japan to Guam

11:14 am Mar 20
Guest What is the Guam Naval Base project?? Where can I find information on this??

9:24 am Mar 20
UNLI' UNLI' Calling all Former US Naval Base Workers. register at Olongapo CIty PESO Office for a chance to work in GUAM Naval Base Project

9:00 am Mar 20
UNLI' Calling all Former US Naval Base Employee. register at Olongapo CIty PESO Office for a chance to work in GUAM Naval Base Project

Friday, March 20, 2009


7:26 pm Mar 19
TheClown nicole sex gone bad harharhar marry her nicole pogi naman si Smith ako ninong

4:10 pm Mar 19
TheClown habulin mo ang currupt na Accountant marami niyan.

4:08 pm Mar 19
Guest something to do with her statement. These idiots need to do all Pinay's a favor and go to an alley and eat a bullit. Their hatred will never end.

3:03 pm Mar 19
Guest Now the typical spineless commetns from those idiots in the Congress in PI are thinking that tha phone call between Presidents of PI and the US had

3:01 pm Mar 19
Guest It is $$$$$$$$$$ and America.............

3:00 pm Mar 19
Guest What was her mom's intentions by pushing nher dau???????

3:00 pm Mar 19
Guest If anyone is at fault here it may be her mother who encuraged her to be hanging out with the American GI's at their canteen on the base.

3:00 pm Mar 19
Guest What happened to the "not losing face" people???????

2:59 pm Mar 19
Guest What is sad is that this Filipina Nicole decided to face up to her bad choices and tell the truth and now her own people are calling her names.

2:59 pm Mar 19
Guest But NO, those in the CA and those with an axe to grind will drag this on for month's on end creating more and more hatred for Americans.

2:58 pm Mar 19
Guest What needs to happen and fast is the CA end this case. If Smith is still found to be guilty of what now, then let him go home to do his time.

2:56 pm Mar 19
Guest I wonder when the protests will start in front of the US Embassy paid by those groups who think Nicole was wrong.

2:54 pm Mar 19
Guest to the relationship between the Philippins and the US?

2:54 pm Mar 19
Guest Now let's see what CA does. If they pursue this case and don't take her statement into account, what will that do

ShoutMix Chat 12:08 am Mar 20, 2009
Name Message Control Refresh Guest She has created un-do stress on the Smith family and her own.

2:52 pm Mar 19
Guest Yes, she has ruined a young man's life and his career he had.

2:52 pm Mar 19
Guest Local Authorites PUSHED her into a corner and she had no other choices.

2:51 pm Mar 19
Guest Nicole in her own mind knew what she stated in what had hapen was a lie.

2:51 pm Mar 19
Guest How much pressure was put on her the following days and weeks?

2:50 pm Mar 19
Guest I wonder how much pressure was put on Nicole that night when this happened?

2:50 pm Mar 19
TheClown at saka gusto nilng manahimik ng buhay huwag ng makaladkad sa kahihiyan pareho..PAANO PAG NAGPAKASAL SILA BIGLA?

1:37 pm Mar 19

12:35 pm Mar 19

12:34 pm Mar 19

12:33 pm Mar 19

12:32 pm Mar 19
TheClown paano nga pag magpakasal pa ang dalawa ano ang masasabi mo?

6:22 am Mar 19

8:16 pm Mar 18

8:16 pm Mar 18

ShoutMix 12:09 am Mar 20, 2009
Name Message Control Refresh Guest YOU RUINED A MANS LIFE NICOLE !!!!

8:15 pm Mar 18

8:14 pm Mar 18

8:13 pm Mar 18
Guest SHAME NICOLE !!!!!

8:13 pm Mar 18
Guest get out of the US if you truly hate it

8:13 pm Mar 18
Guest you screwed yourself nicole !!!!

8:12 pm Mar 18
Guest can't hide nicole !!!

8:12 pm Mar 18
Guest Nicole.. kahit sa US you will be JUDGED !!

8:12 pm Mar 18
Guest sa US din pala ang bagsak mo nicole.. SHAME !!!!

8:10 pm Mar 18
Guest shame on you gabriella for the public trials...

8:10 pm Mar 18
Guest shame on you nicole....

8:10 pm Mar 18
Guest the truth shall set you free nicole...

8:09 pm Mar 18
1816440 Hanjin starts social responsibility, workers to participate in clean-up drive

6:33 am Mar 18
1816440 Guam manpower requirement preparation

6:32 am Mar 18
1816440 Subic Bay IT Council meet, logo winners awarding

TheClown about Nicole ano kaya kung bigla silang magpakasal! harharhar hapi hapi lahat!

4:57 am Mar 18
pt (or did nicole used the media to realize her dream?)... gamitan lang... yan ang buhay.. anywayz.. congrats nicole... godspeed

12:53 am Mar 18
pt the way things are unfolding.... i would not be surprised if in the end... it will turn out that nicole will charge the media of raping her

12:52 am Mar 18
rosie may alam ba kau seminar ballon making lyk ko kc mag tayo ballon shop

11:48 pm Mar 17
rosie may alam ba kau semirar for ballon making in olongapo?

11:46 pm Mar 17
OBSERVER its raining this morning

8:43 am Mar 17
TheClown Sa lahat ng "Corrupt na Accountant" sna sintensya sa inyo ipatibag ang bundok sa pamamagitan ng kuko ninyo! "Doctor ng Numero" kayo ang nasa gitna

8:32 pm Mar 16
OBSERVER vigo, peralta, morales, lindayag et al in the cc shortlist

5:50 pm Mar 16
OBSERVER The administration may dump the old spare tire for an untested but "masunuring" aspirant

5:48 pm Mar 16
OBSERVER JC may run for congress under Kapatiran party... could also be a partylist rep

5:46 pm Mar 16
CONGRATS kudos for being a child freindly city

Monday, March 16, 2009


CONGRATS sa nanalong employee of the year, keep up the good work guys

6:15 am Mar 16
TheClown ngayon naman daw "Againt Corrupt na Accountant" the Numbers doctor! main cause ng lokohan at pagihihrap sa gob. ewan ko ba dito kay IGAN ang kulit!

2:57 am Mar 16
TheClown natatawa si IGAN kasi ng simulan nya ang "againts drugs" tlgang sumagupa ang PDEA walang mayaman mahirap Slamat daw po

2:53 am Mar 16
TheClown and by the way ang matinong Mayor Lim ng manila asking help ng SKoreans to develop Manila more, isnt it nice?

2:54 pm Mar 15
TheClown good at nabibisita ninyo ang site na ito, lots of informations d2, issues at the most is the visionary ng diff. people sa Gapo! lend your helping hand

2:50 pm Mar 15
Guest sa, nakita me sa pic. ang ganda sana mag ka 22o para mgkaroon ng pag bbgo sa olongapo sna di lang sa pictures ..

12:36 pm Mar 15
Guest at tinatakot pa daw po mga students para pumirma sa petition supporting Aggabao kahit na lumabag cya sa batas sa pagpapaputol ng mga punong kahoy

7:21 pm Mar 14
Nanay Minsan lang ga-graduate sa high school ang mga bata, para kasing sinisindak na nila ang mga students pati parents. Paki check po...

4:13 pm Mar 13
Nanay pwede ba ba na basta basta nalang walang graduation rites ang mga bata?? Pero continous din daw ang singil ng graduation fee.. ano po ba ang problema?

4:11 pm Mar 13
Nanay at lagi daw itong binabanggit ng mga teachers.. Pwede ba yun?? Di ba dapat may PTA meeting muna ?? Paki check naman po

4:09 pm Mar 13
Nanay kasi kesyo may "dark letter" daw na natanggap ang mga school officials na allegedly from students daw

4:08 pm Mar 13
Nanay To the proper authorities: May anak po akong graduating sa OCNHS, pero sinasabi daw ng mga teacher na baka walang graduation rights this year

4:06 pm Mar 13
jhajha Sunog sa Landfill New Cabalan

1:43 pm Mar 12
UNLI' hi there

1:59 pm Mar 11
Guest hello pipol... i luv u guys


12:14 pm Mar 11
Guest atty. ventura ng fsc, dati kang abogado ni gen. calimlim, magka pwesto lang, kumapit ka pa kay rex chan at stef sano. asan ang prinsipyo mo?

12:10 pm Mar 11
Guest dinaan nto kasi sa pulitika. sana po di ganon..fsc na naman ang magsasakripisyo para sa pambayad ng mga tao dahil sa kagagawan nyo.

12:08 pm Mar 11
Guest pano ba yan..nananalo na ang mga empleyado ng fsc-sbma sa NLRC na niri-trenched ni rex chan at stef sano..dapat ksi nag isip muna kayong dalawa.

12:07 pm Mar 11
sirys at pasukan po naten ung training sa OSTC. welding, computer, baka nga magkaron pa ng driving sa mga babae. me housekeeping din dun. check nyo po.

9:02 am Mar 11
sirys i hope madami pa opportunity na magopen here sa olongapo, sbma po. hanap lang po tau lalo na sa peso.

9:01 am Mar 11
sirys mahirap po talaga maghanap ng work nowadays. madami po hindi na nga halos kumakain sa paghahanap ng work.

8:58 am Mar 11
TheClown Mga workers na looking opportunity sa SBMA meron niyan! Kagawad Ed Piano at Mayor B.Gordon pls post dto sa website ang Work (3x a wk) pls po!

7:39 am Mar 11
TheClown carlyn we are not just talking just a simple issues or news. PULSO ng bayan, drugs or illegal money. sorry if we annoyed you!

4:17 am Mar 11
carlyn sana po more on olongapo news

1:23 am Mar 11
carlyn sana nman po bawasan nina guest at clown ang pagsasagutan dito, pwede naman siguro silang gumamit ng emails nila para may space naman sa iba.

1:14 am Mar 11
Guest anyone know where to submit resume via e-mail to the companies job opening here?

10:20 pm Mar 10
Guest CLown. I understand, but you are missing my points. I guess YOU are blind to what is going on or our pockets are to full. SAD.

10:03 pm Mar 10
TheClown "money" is not an options here now but "family unity does" lalo na world testing laws illegal immigrations nakakaawa ang malalayo sa bakuran natin

9:06 am Mar 10
TheClown one day wala na or die of old age "GAPONIANS" but want to see our next generations "work with dignity" and that time, cant hear us but legacy lives

TheClown OFW died too at mas malayo pa sa pamilya nila, iyan kita ay maliit pero sa backyard natin..and willing to obey rules to avoid accidents. feel proud

8:54 am Mar 10
TheClown alam nyo mas malaki ang lungkot ko sa "OFW", they are too far to reach hands of baby who need care niloloko pa

8:50 am Mar 10
TheClown invesment comes to SBMA, workers have to show how they can do rest of the jobs. its in our backyard.

8:48 am Mar 10
Guest It's not much to ask for is it Clown?

6:15 am Mar 10
Guest When will the Filipino worker wake up and realize THEY are being used. A good days work should be paid a good days wages and work in safe conditons.

6:15 am Mar 10
Guest But NO, do you ever see ANY SBMA or local official talking about this? NO. WHY? $$$$$$ under the table.

6:13 am Mar 10
Guest Today you have companies like Hanjin who come to SBMA to use cheap labor and cheat the workers out of good pay.

6:13 am Mar 10
Guest I along many Pinay's miss the days of when the bases were here. It was safer for all and the pay was controled.

6:12 am Mar 10
Guest I wonder why? I want Subic Free Port to do well, but I am not willing to see Pinay's get treated badly or die.

6:11 am Mar 10
Guest I read your comments Clown and I wonder if you are a true Filipino. You seem to stand up for Hanjin and their evil ways.

6:10 am Mar 10
Guest What would you call it? I feel for the families of those that have died. What if anythinghas Hanjin done for the families?

6:10 am Mar 10
Guest The are under paid, cheated as per the article on here, they are working in unsafe conditions.

6:09 am Mar 10
Guest I am sorry clown, I used a wrong word to describe the Filipino worker. But what else would you call them?

6:09 am Mar 10
jhajha Sunog sa Barretto National Highway malapit sa Baloy Beach

5:04 pm Mar 9

TheClown W??es!!! gaano ba "kapuro" ang lahi mo? hello "united nation" po pinoy unless galing ka sa "cave" at kalalabas mo pa lng. look ur "skin and eyes"

12:21 pm Mar 9
TheClown mainit sa sa maliit na city workers!, bangain mo ang drug dealers at bilyonaryong illegal tax payer huwag ang legal worker!

11:51 am Mar 9
TheClown huwag mo namang maliitin ang mga SBMA workers, namatay silang may respeto sa sarili nila at may kompensasyon! kaysa makita sa daan prang aso itinapon

11:45 am Mar 9
TheClown you called our workers What? give someone who died a respect! they died through accident while they are working!

11:41 am Mar 9
angelus susmaryosep mainit!!!

11:40 am Mar 9
archie It's so hot...

11:35 am Mar 9
Guest So sad. You might as well let Korea take over PI and let them just use you and control you like whores.

10:33 am Mar 9
Guest Again, money is talking to those officials and your country men are dying.

10:32 am Mar 9
Guest will have dies during that time? 50, 100? All for what?

10:32 am Mar 9
Guest Bottom line is this. In a few years when Hanjin is done building its ships, they will close up and walk away. How many Filipinos

10:31 am Mar 9
Guest Can he? As bad as some will say the old Navy bases were, it was a better working enviorment then it is at Hanjin now.

10:31 am Mar 9
Guest It's one thing to have a good job and support the family, but a DEAD person can not support his family.

10:30 am Mar 9
Guest PI and those officials are letting these problems go on and on and keep a blind eye to it.

10:30 am Mar 9
Guest the wages they pay in Korea??? I bet they are higher and for sure they have to be more safe if not then their gov't would shut them down.

10:29 am Mar 9
Guest Clown. Give me a break "Industrail Soldiers". All you ae is cheap whores working for Hanjin. that's all you are to them. CHEAP LABOR. Think. What are

TheClown kung gutom at susunugin mo kami eh di magwork na lng kami kahit konti may kita na may pagkain pamilya ko! harharhar tulog ka ba?

6:13 am Mar 9
TheClown We are "Industrial Soldiers", we sacrifice our life through good work for our children, neighbors and through all areas sorrounded us!

5:34 am Mar 9
TheClown SBMA investigations is good for all so we achieved our goal better "quality of work", just avoid too much accident "stay afloat"

5:30 am Mar 9
Guest So sad that money in Subic is worth more then one single Filipino life. May you all burn in hell with your monies.

9:11 am Mar 8
Guest Sad that these country men continue to take the money under the table to support Hanjin while their country men are killed.

9:10 am Mar 8
Guest Hanjin’s employment violations exposed and so far NO ONE who supported Hanjin is speaking out about this. WHY???????

9:09 am Mar 8
TheClown kaya nga kasabihan masarap sa Pinas pag corrupt ka kasi protektado ka. pero sa China "out" ka at sa US "jail" ka.

12:49 am Mar 8
TheClown watch and observed US anti-carnapping bihira ang death.. discipline thier fingers pwede? kahit finger lng makita sa record!

12:42 am Mar 8
TheClown what CHR out? PAO did that they know how to disable the car before the passenger? look at the parking light of the car when they ratrat it!!

12:39 am Mar 8
SCO signature of SBMA Engr Marco Estabillo falsified in Buenafe accreditation

10:32 pm Mar 7
SCO Anomaly on Buenafe Security Agency accreditation as SBF subcon points to Atty Pastor

10:31 pm Mar 7
Guest gaano katagal makukuha un building permit d2

6:15 pm Mar 7
jhajha Hanjin Interview for Welders on Monday March 9, 7:30 am at Rizal Triangle

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Dear friends:

I do not like rap music, I never met the late Francis Magalona but when I heard his music years ago, particularly MGA KABABAYAN KO (a plea to his fellow Filipinos through song), I felt a kindred spirit.

This music overflows with the spiritual values of patriotism, piety, justice, perseverance,solidarity, hope, reconciliation, humility, love for God, love for neighbor!

This letter is my humble salute to a great Filipino artist who died of leukemia at the age 44. Attached is the lyrics of the song. Please help spread this...especially to our youth. If we could get them to listen to the song, better.

God bless you,

JC delosReyes

Mga kababayan ko
Dapat lang malaman nyo
Bilib ako sa kulay ko
Ako ay pilipino
Kung may itim or may puti
Mayron naman kayumangi
Isipin mo na kaya mong
Abutin ang yung minimithi

Dapat magsumikap para tayoy di maghirap
Ang trabaho mo pagbutihin mo
Dahil pag gusto mo ay kaya mo
Kung kaya mo ay kaya nya
At kaya nating dalawa

Magaling ang atin
Yan ang laging iisipin
Pag asensyo mararating
Kung handa kang tiisin
Ang hirap at pagod sa problema
Wag kang malunod
Umaahon ka wag lumubog
Pagka't ginhawa naman ang susunod
Iwasan mo ang ingit
Ang sa ibay ibig mong makamit
Dapat nga ikaw matuwa sa napala ng iyong kapatid
Ibig kung ipabatid
Na lahat tayo'y kabig bisig

Repeat chorus

Respetohin natin ang ating ina
Ilaw siya ng tahanan
Bigyang galang ang ama
At ang payo ang susundan
At sa magkakapatid
Kailang ay magmahalan
Dapat lang ay pag usapan ang hindi nauuwaan

Wag takasan ang pag kukulang
Kasalanan ay panagutan
Mag malinis ay iwasan
Nakakainis marumi naman
Ang mag kaaway ipag bati
Gumitna ka ang wag kumampi

Lahat tayoy magkakapatid
Anong mang mali ay ituwid
Magdasal sa diyos maykapal
Maging banal at wag hangal
Itong tula ay alay ko
Sa inyo at sa buong mundo

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

PDEA Olongapo Drug Smuggler escaped

8:56 am Mar 7
911 grass fire in new cabalan

8:43 am Mar 7
Supreme Court Fired Olongapo RTC Judge

8:43 am Mar 7
TheClown PDEA Dir.Santiago alam natin mahirap pasukin M.M. but there are "some1" whos willing to help! Chemist "ur the brain" get them one by one and sealed

4:43 am Mar 7
TheClown bakit mostly walang nakukulong na "corrupt na accountant"???! 1-Chemist - huli ng be fully verified someone - thanks to "Gen.Yabut"

4:34 am Mar 7
TheClown sudden death in SBMA but killing you softly in M.M. u want to choose ? unless SBMA have jobs w/overtime! thanks for ur concern of investigations.

4:01 pm Mar 6
TheClown yeah? i got "tb, astma and all for of disease" why bcuz mountain of garbage in M.M. also Air Polutions!!!

3:56 pm Mar 6
Cessy abc

2:38 pm Mar 6

10:19 am Mar 6

10:19 am Mar 6
DX3UNA welcome back fire chief jonas silvano, kudos to all who participated in this morning's activity for fire prevention month

10:08 am Mar 6
Guest sa huli si palafox parin ang kikita sa ocean 9!

9:16 am Mar 6
Guest is it true na may minahan daw sa hanjin? if its true kawawa ang filipino! iba nakikinabang sa yaman natin!

9:11 am Mar 6
Guest Stop thinking of your self first.

8:06 am Mar 6
Guest To YOU supporters of Hanjin, STOP taking the money under the table and take care of your fellow Filipinos. Protect them and fight for them.

ShoutMix 9:32 am Mar 7, 2009
Name Message Control Refresh Guest As they say, money talks and BS walks. Again the poor Filipino will continue to suffer.

8:04 am Mar 6
Guest But, no matter how many complain, NOTHING will be done to Hanjin or its vendors over all its violatiuons, lack of pay, etc.

8:04 am Mar 6
Guest Too many lives have been lost and as one Congressman has said, the first ship was built on the blood of Filipinos.

8:03 am Mar 6
Guest Many have said that the ONLY way to make change was to close down Hanjin shipyard and go on strike.

8:02 am Mar 6
Guest It has been said over and over again that Hanjin came to PI to take advantage of the poor Filipino worker. Now the truth comes out.

8:02 am Mar 6
Guest Hanjin’s employment violations exposed. So, I am wondering if those on here in the past who defended Hanjin will now change their attitudes?

8:00 am Mar 6
TheClown Yehey at last meron ng "PINK" battalion!!! at last accepted sila ng AFP community! harharhar! yari "one person with 2 genders" Mabuhay!

6:07 pm Mar 5
TheClown pwede M.M. pasyalan nyo ang shipyard nyo and look closely sa "hardhats" kung meron sila? kalawang kaya? u used SBMA, M.M. luma na yan

5:52 pm Mar 5
TheClown dont condemened too much SBMA db promdi kmi? Hey look again M.M. children sleeping on the pavement! bakit kaya? violations din yun db?

5:46 pm Mar 5
TheClown Violations ang gusto ninyo?? LOOK! mountain of garbage sa M.M. - diyan bigla death, unti-unti nga lng like "TB and Air Polutions" na singhot nyo evryd

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Traffic Advisory A bicycle race will be held this sunday 8 March starting 7am from Ulo Ng Apo and will cover Olongapo and Subic Bay Freeport, expect traffic on Sunday

4:45 pm Mar 5
Traffic Advisory A motorcade signaling the fire prevention month will be held 6 March stating 8am from the fire dept going around the city. Be safe .. prevent fires

4:45 pm Mar 5
TheClown ibang tao talaga sya..bundok, jungle. war torn area. lindol name it for sure may "bakas niya ng pagtulong" read and learned Sen. Gordon history!

4:32 pm Mar 5
258 Job Fair @ Rizal Triangle on March 10 Tuesday 9am-4pm

4:26 pm Mar 5
TheClown Chairman ng Blue and Red? hirap ang utak mo magisip magimbestiga at tumulong..nagiisa lng kasi siyang pwedeng humawak ng ng posisyon na wlan kurapt!

4:26 pm Mar 5
TheClown SBMA will be progressive kahit na anong sabihin ng iba, kasi sila puro daldal wlang gawa si Sen. Gordon meron at visionary pa!

4:21 pm Mar 5
Diogo religion has started to become a problem than a solution

11:24 am Mar 5
satrina.nawali hellow

10:27 am Mar 5
satrina hellow

10:26 am Mar 5
SP NO to Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, YES to telecom interconnection of Subic-Clark-Tarlac Growth Corridor

6:46 am Mar 5
TheClown now kung ihain nyo ang anumang kaso sa harap nya. make it sure may merit at concrete evidence or else baseless, go for dismissal

12:22 pm Mar 4
TheClown si Mercy G ng Ombudsman aya hindi tiwali..she handles a very sensitives post of investigation sa gob. powerful ang cases na hawak shes a WOMAN

12:20 pm Mar 4
1803080 i love this site

8:04 pm Mar 3
TheClown mga organizer ginamit nyo na mga "batang maliliit" ngayon naman si "Ka Salonga" na halos dina makalakad! tindi talaga ng utak nyo! (sa abused) harhar
TheClown na JOC na, na BOLA pa, huli na nga lumipad pa rin ang half body kasama 700M piso papuntang Capiz. tindi harharhar

7:36 pm Mar 3
Joe Schwartz Aim high Olongapo!

7:31 pm Mar 3
Cyclist congrats nga pala sa TMB at PNP, bago mga motorcycles nyo, 400 cc pa, ayosin ang traffic para sulit ang gastos

7:29 pm Mar 3
Cyclist sa linggo na po ang Bikeathon, 7am assempblly sa Ulo Ng Apo rotunda, good luck sa mga gapo cyclists

7:28 pm Mar 3
TheClown i remember the saying "were outnumbered but we can never outfought" keep on going, iahon ang kabataan sa bisyo na yan!

4:37 am Mar 3
TheClown PDEA kulang tayo sa tao, mayaman at marami sila we have to guard 90M, 7100 islands, but still, they cant outnumbered us!

4:32 am Mar 3
TheClown si tarsan lumabg sa agreement ocean, wala na pagkain saging sa subic, out na sa project demanda ka ngayon paliwanag ka hoy!

4:28 am Mar 3
Guest Bumabati po sa mga kababaihan sa International Women's Month

9:16 pm Mar 2
judith.cuevas69 hi,ma'am kim,ma'am bea, how are u? i want u to say, that imiss you guys

6:03 pm Feb 27
258 Watch ANC 8-9 pm Tonyt 4 U.S. Vet payments update and analysis from Jerry Adevoso and others.

5:26 pm Feb 27
TheClown Sana magkaroon ng "batas na nagbabawal sumali sa rally ang buntis up 13yrs old na bata" child abuse againts organizer!

10:23 am Feb 27
TheClown "Industrial Soldiers" Go, Go we will never stop until our country is way ahead..

2:02 am Feb 26
TheClown i dont forget to thanks Kabalen of course.. konting tiyaga pa GAPONIANS, as i told you 3years ago SBMA will be the backbone of industry..harharhar..

1:58 am Feb 26
TheClown Thanks to all people in "BatZam" without you our place is dull and no progress. club owners is gone but "Investors" is coming

1:53 am Feb 26
update JC: its not true that I will run for vice mayor under Mitos

sHaSha UnG pInagKaKalat ni AnDar nA cYa TaTakb0 bluFF un!!

9:38 pm Feb 24
sHaSha Mitos takbo ng meyor at vise nya si JC

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