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Friday, July 01, 2011

2,984,785 JULY2011

To Hanjin Workers: Lets have Noise barrage on Min. of Labor and SBMA office.
06:24 30/6
To Hanjin Workers: Money is not everything! what you going to if your dead already. And we don't want to get Injury or die for just going to work.
06:17 30/6
To Hanjin Workers: Hindi acceptable ang may namamatay dahil lang sa trabaho. Dapat natin itong ihinto,tama na ang mahigit 30 workers na namatay. Kung kailangan umalis ang Hanjin sa Subic so be it.
06:12 30/6
To Hanjin Workers: These Personnel on both sides should have their names and faces on national newspaper and question their performances and let's demand resignation or retirement.
06:06 30/6
To Hanjin Workers: These Labor Personnel and SBMA team should know better before they signed that agreement, that they should gave all workers Protections in all levels.
06:01 30/6
To Hanjin Workers: Personnel on this Labor agency and SBMA team are responsible for all this grievances and deaths. They should know all the "What If" situations, workers safety, workers humane treatment
05:55 30/6
To Hanjin Workers: Hindi lang sa embassy tayo mag protesta kundi sa agency ng Ministry of Labor na gumawa ng agremento. Ang ating kapwa pilipino ang dapat din nating protestahan.
05:45 30/6
To 89.5 Mgt: Invite guests with background on financial planning,work safety, family safety and Life Skill
05:40 30/6
To 89.5 Mgt: Have an Open House and "Live on the Air with Public School Students" (chat on cool issues to them)
05:36 30/6
To 89.5 Mgt: Invite OFW resides in Bataan, Zambales and Gapo We want to hear their up and down adventures abroad.
05:29 30/6
To 89.5 Mgt: Keep Us Updates on Hanjin Workers Protests. Invite Guests from different business sectors for their perspective.
05:26 30/6
Why it takes a day to decide whether to have No Classes when there is a typhoon and or it's another rainy season.
05:17 30/6
Siguro dapat din magkaroon ng training ang lahat na School administrator sa Emergency Response.Walang leadership and poor communication are theire weaknesses.
05:15 30/6
Father's Day is for all Fathers!!!!! Huwag ka nang mag paandar kahit sino ka pa....
07:24 27/6
Father's Day is not just for public servants and brag about his family accomplishments on long news article. Who cares!
07:18 27/6
And or the School Administrators are not TECH Savvy. Kaya siguro mabagal ang progresso ng mga bata, dahil it speaks to itself.
06:40 27/6
It's not like we are still living on Stone Age, that we don't know the weather the next day, we have all the technology out there Please Use it.
06:34 27/6
Every year we have this kind of weather why is it so hard for school administrator to make a DECISION/announcement the night before about school cancellation
06:31 27/6
Slow motion ang decision making mula sa mga Schoo adminstor The problem is very obvious; Think about the students SAFETY, Pamasahe lalo na.
06:22 27/6
Bumaba ang decision at 7AM in the morning siyempre kids are heading or in the school already.
06:11 27/6
Walang leadership sa pag decision lang kung walang pasok or may pasok ang mga school.
06:09 27/6
Transformers 3 Blogwalking for today
08:58 24/6
Transformers 3 Blogwalking for today
00:46 24/6
Guest sadly, the flood forecasting never heled the city government solve the flooding problems.hehe.
20:22 23/6
zed may pasok po ba AMA olongapo campus bukas?
06:37 23/6
Guest this blog is impressive, flood forecasting has always been reliable.. people should take it seriously
01:23 21/6
Guest may pasok po ba mga bata? salamat...
15:38 20/6
Guest my pasok bah
13:37 20/6
Guest baka apaw na naman mga kanal mamayang gabi, sana mag stop na ulan
02:54 19/6
Carl Helo po, frm sbyc
01:29 19/6

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