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Sunday, August 26, 2007

stop smuggling?

Re: GMA to PASTF: Stop smuggling

stop smuggling?

they have it in every port, i bet. let the government make some money to pay for our debts with the world bank: fines.
come on guys. charge them the amount if they were to buy such a car.

you know they do a lot of smuggling in Ilocos, don't you? for years they have been doing that, from washing machines to scooters to harleys. gheez, and we are not able to stop them. I may not know a lot about our country's issues about smuggling, but it is just ridiculous that we haven't realized after so many years, that we are an archipleago. Can we really watch every island? we have 7,107 don't we? we will just end up running around chasing them.


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