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Friday, September 01, 2006

watcher: Yes-37, No-43, Privacy concious-47 as of Sept 1
Fuzzwuzz: this number can be used to turn off cellphone
Fuzzwuzz: if everyone has their numbers then thieves will nop longer profit from stealing phone
Fuzzwuzz: the only reason GMA wants sim reg is to track her enemies
Fuzzwuzz: use *#06# to get 15 digit number
Fuzzwuzz: a system exists to better than sim registration, do not trust the govt
Fuzzwuzz: sim can be replsaced by thieves, the phone itself is valuable
Fuzzwuzz: this is just a way for the govt to track or ID individual nums
Fuzzwuzz: it is a definate start to the police state
Fuzzwuzz: use *#06# get the number, If your phone is stolen
Fuzzwuzz: you can report the phone ID to the maker of phone and have the phone shut off
Fuzzwuzz: why is this info not common knowledge- because
Fuzzwuzz: GMA wants to track her enemies
Fuzzwuzz: using a fradulent reason to force people to register their sims which
Fuzzwuzz: thieves replace anyway when they steal a phone
Fuzzwuzz: SIM registration is a smoke screen, just like Chacha


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