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Friday, September 22, 2006

Mrs Aggabao's reply to Ombudsman suspends 3 erring high school principals


comment on post "Ombudsman suspends 3 erring high school principals":

It so unfair for a hardworking Principal like me to be given unfair and unjust judgement like the publicized suspension order.I, together with 10 teachers were not given due process.

We are all now suffering in anguish for a case we never knew. I hope our side will be given a chance to be publicized to just to save our faces from humiliation perpetrated by malicious , ungrateful and incompetent people in Olongapo City National High.

Is it Dishonesty and Grave Misconduct if you only heed to the call of the Department of Education Secretary to initiate projects and be self sufficient ? Is it fair to be ordered suspended without due process? If School principals would be prosecuted by enjoining civic spirited parents and citizens to help the school put up a nice Food Court facilities, Internet Facilities, and a Special Education Center without government funds involved , there would be a burn out among us.

I hope my message will be conveyed to the proper authorities. ...


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